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Outreach Supports October Events

Senior Outreach Coordinator

Outreach is celebrating two great upcoming events - Alberta Science & Technology Week, Oct. 10-19, and National Chemistry Week, Oct. 18-25.

Around the province, Outreach volunteers are gearing up to support these two weeks of activities. Volunteers will be involved in a bevy of additional activities to raise public awareness of the important roles science, engineering and technology play in the lives of Albertans.

On Oct. 11 and Oct. 18, Edmonton Outreach will host hands-on science and the Rock & Fossil Clinic (Oct. 18 only) at the Odyssium. Other science groups, such as the University of Alberta Student Engineering Projects and winners of Alberta science fairs,will also be at the Odyssium to display their projects.

On Oct. 11, Calgary Outreach will be at the Calgary Science Centre along with the Calgary Science Network. Other branches of APEGGA are also supporting Science & Tech Week with fun activities, such as library science and school family science Olympics.

Check out the Alberta Innovation & Science website for a list of provincial activities and contests. The site's address appears with this article.

Outreach volunteers have long been supporters of National Chemistry Week and will again join members of the Chemical Institute of Canada in their annual "mall science" activities, at malls in the Edmonton area and in Calgary.


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Alberta Science and Technology Week


Pooling Resources

Supporting other science groups and their activities to promote science, engineering and technology is an integral part of the APEGGA Outreach program. Alberta is fortunate to have a strong base of science related groups, organizations and companies that sponsor a wide range of programs to promote public awareness in the areas of science, math, engineering, technology and related careers.
Just as the work of engineers, geologists and geophysicists relies on the assistance of other science partners, so too does the work of Outreach. APEGGA is aware of the many benefits of pooling resources and collaborating on activities.

Friendships and Partnerships

Outreach has worked to build and develop partnerships and friendships throughout the existence of the program. The work of Outreach is enhanced when it works in tandem with others and Outreach continues to seek new alliances in all its activities.

Outreach is proud of its long list of "friends of Outreach" and its long-term involvement with groups including University of Alberta WISEST program, WISE program, Science Alberta Foundation and its provincial hotlines, Edmonton and Calgary Science Fairs, University of Alberta Discover E science camps, University of Calgary Minds in Motion summer camps, Operation Minerva, Edmonton Regional Science Olympics Committee, Oil Sands Discovery Centre, Calgary Science Centre and the Edmonton Odyssium.

Last Series Article

This is the last article on the Outreach program, which The PEGG has run from June to October. The articles have been published to inform members of the Outreach program and its activities, which are helping to address three of the top four roles that members requested APEGGA place more priority on (APEGGA 2002 Member, Employer and General Public Opinion Survey):

  • Promote, enhance and increase visibility of the professions with the public.
  • Promote public recognition and appreciation of the accomplishments of your profession.
  • Promote the importance of science and technology in Kindergarten to Grade 12 as a step leading to future careers in the three professions.

With your help, APEGGA and its Outreach program can do even more to advance your priorities.


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