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In the last issue of The PEGG, we told you that by early to mid-September we would have completed our third beta test trial of PEGGasus, the Internet marketplace for the delivery of ongoing professional development.

It has taken us longer than anticipated to complete the final major piece of functionality, which is the registration and transaction module. At the time of this writing, however, the module is complete and needs only user testing.

There are also some software security certificate and APEGGA internal processes requiring completion. As well, we have revamped the PEGGasus site appearance to give it a more professional feel.

On the content side, we've been making strides and now have more than 200 bona fide professional development opportunities in the PEGGasus database. Included in that number are ones from Athabasca University, Northern Lakes College, the Banff Centre, the EPIC Educational Program Innovations Center, Canadian Professional Management Services Inc. and, of course, APEGGA.

Discussions are ongoing with quite a number of other potential providers. With some of them we continue to work on developing a process to automatically input their professional development opportunities into the PEGGasus database; as a result, their opportunities are not yet in the system. With providers who offer fewer opportunities, we are using a manual input process.

Once the mechanized process is in place, we expect the numbers of opportunities in the system to escalate rapidly.

Numbered among the current list of professional development opportunities are some supplied by a few of the technical societies and associations. We would like to take this opportunity to invite other tech societies and associations to join them by sending us details of upcoming events for inclusion in PEGGasus.

As we move closer to the official introduction of PEGGasus, we will be sending these groups formal invitations to participate. However, in the interim, please feel free to send me your notices of meetings, luncheons, events and seminars at the e-mail address appearing with this article. Our goal is to build the content of PEGGasus, so we have a good selection for all our members at introduction.

When the site is ready for the official introduction, it is our plan to send all APEGGA members an e-mail invitation to visit the site with a username and password. In the meantime, you're welcome to check out the site at www.peggasus.ca - it is open for limited business.

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