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Have Fun in the Workplace Without Getting Fired
Humour Has its Place, Says Professional
Development Day Luncheon Speaker

Manager, Professional Practice

John Simmons, a former teacher and an award-winning educator from Calgary, will be the luncheon speaker at the Professional Development Day Nov. 4 in Edmonton and Nov. 12 in Calgary. Mr. Simmons will explain how humour can help foster teamwork, reduce stress and help us handle work-related challenges.

He will provide guidelines for "safe" humour that will enhance creativity and problem-solving while putting more joy into our work lives.

Registrants will have four choices of half-day seminars each morning and four choices each afternoon.
To enhance your decision-making skills, sign up for a session by Yvonne Bridges. Ms. Bridges is a master trainer and entrepreneur who will guide participants in the techniques of identifying root causes, making decisions and creating action plans.

She will also present an afternoon session called Getting What You Want Without Bruises. This session will focus on the balance between being assertive and respecting the needs of others - it's all about creating "win/win" solutions.


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Larry Staples, P.Eng., MBA, is an experienced consulting engineer with Canspec Group Inc. and a well-known APEGGA volunteer. He will address the subject of ethics. Mr. Staples will use the new APEGGA Ethics Module to review legal and ethical obligations of APEGGA members and to discuss common ethical dilemmas.

We are fortunate to be able to bring Dr. Loren Falkenberg back for another seminar on negotiating, after her well-attended presentation at the April conference. For 16 years Dr. Falkenberg has taught at Calgary's Haskayne School of Business where she developed advanced courses in negotiating.
She has published widely and provides consultation to organizations on this subject. Her seminars focus on improving negotiation dynamics, creating and claiming value on agreements and on handling difficult negotiators.

Tom Ross and Fred Day, Q.C., of McLennan Ross will present on the effective management of dismissals. Mr. Ross will present in Calgary, Mr. Day in the Edmonton session. Both lawyers will address constructive dismissals, terminations for just cause and the legally safe way to proceed with terminations.

Those of you who attended the April conference will know Katharine Bondy of Western Leadership Centre Inc. An expert on the dynamics of change and change management, Ms. Bondy will present on strategic planning for high performance. The session will help you review the strengths of your company and your competitors so you can discover and map your strategic direction.

Lisa Brown, M.A., is a management consultant who has presented for APEGGA before. She is a compelling and experienced speaker on the subject of managing emotions.

At this session, Ms. Brown will talk about surviving downsizing at all levels. She will deal with the emotional challenges and fallout associated with downsizing, whether you are the senior manager making the decisions or the staff member finding that restructuring has put you out of a job.

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