Terri-Jane Yuzda


A Word From APEGGA
Professional Development

Over the past few years, a number of members have indicated that they would like to see APEGGA do more to help them find professional development opportunities.

Well, we have listened. In partnership with the University of Alberta's Institute of Professional Development, the National Research Council and Terra Prime Developments, over the past six months we have developed the PEGGasus website.

A separate article on this page deals with the formal introduction and launch of PEGGasus later this month. Your Professional Development Department encourages you to take the message to heart, visit the PEGGasus website and try out its services after Nov. 24.

There is no charge to use PEGGasus. That means you risk nothing by trying PEGGasus, yet you could benefit immensely from professional development opportunities it identifies for you.

We trust the concept is right and that PEGGasus will meet your needs. However, please send us your comments on what you think of it and what we can do to make it even more valuable. If there are further professional development providers you feel need to be represented on PEGGasus, let us know that also.

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