Terri-Jane Yuzda


APEGGA Explores Options
To Expand Mentoring Role

Manager, Professional Development

Results are in from a recent random survey of APEGGA members on the subject of mentoring. The survey, sent to 2,750 members, drew a response rate of greater than 25 per cent.

If one extrapolates the information based on the full APEGGA membership, there could potentially be about 1,275 members interested in being mentored and more than 2,700 members willing to provide mentoring.

These numbers are very promising. They point to a need for us to develop more tools for mentoring.

The software company Colaboro conducted the survey. In conjunction with the survey, and following a demo, APEGGA's Mentoring Committee is reviewing Colaboro's mentoring software.

The software's major feature is its capacity to match mentors and protégés based on skill profiles posted anonymously. Additional benefits include the software's capacity for the mentor and protégé to set goals and objectives for the mentoring process.

Each protégé will be charged a nominal fee for the use of the software. Members of the Mentoring Committee will be reviewing the generic software program questions and then revising them to suit APEGGA's needs. The plan is to roll out the software to a sample group (very likely those who completed the survey) for a six-month trial period.

The Mentoring Committee hopes to begin the trial in the new year and then continue to facilitate the service for all interested members.

A new APEGGA Mentoring Guide is also currently before Council for review and approval. It will complement the software and should be available before the end of the year.

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