January, 2001

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Executive Director's Notes:

Much is Happening In APEGGA
With Passing of New Budget


Rather than deal with one topic in detail I thought that I should make brief comments on some of the current issues being dealt with on your behalf by APEGGA.

Relevance Is Major Issue
In New APEGGA Budget

The big news in this edition of the PEGG will be the approval of the 2001 budget and the $20 increase in member fees. The business plan, Framework For Action 2000-2010, approved by Council in September and the budget both reflect a considerable amount of work by several task forces of Council, and by Council and staff, over the last two years in particular.
One of the key issues identified was relevance of APEGGA to members and those who should be member. There's also a lack of awareness about our association, about why we regulate the professions and what the value is to members. As well, enforcement of the protected title and exclusive scope of practice provisions of the EGGP Act are not generally well understood. In short, while there is much room for improvement in all these areas, we have a serious lack of communication about what it is we actually do, leading to the "perception" that value is limited.

Special Effort Planned
In Several Communications Areas

In a concentrated effort to address this problem, the budget contains resources to increase communication programs directed specifically at individuals that might be practicing but who are either qualified but not licensed or are practicing but are not qualified. Initial emphasis will be on the information technology sector and will, in part, be in the form of information sessions with individuals and companies working in the high-tech industries.

As well, renewed liaison has been established with geoscience organizations and we are optimistic that we can demonstrate real value to that sector as well. Funding has also been provided to add an assistant director of communications to allow more opportunity for dialogue with industries in all sectors through direct corporate visits and corporate receptions.
This being the first increase in member fees for two years, in addition to the major issues cited above, the additional revenues will cover: incremental increases in normal operating costs; usual salary increases based on merit and the addition of a manager of member services and corporate affairs; increases in office rental costs and overheads and other routine expenses, as well as some capital allowance for replacement of computers and other office equipment.
APEGGA fees remain among the lowest of any provincial/territorial engineering and geoscience association, and well below fees charged by most other professional and trade associations in Alberta.

More Mobility Funding
To Help Develop Agreements

Members have identified mobility for professionals as one of the more significant issues. Consequently, additional funding has been made available to increase our activities in seeking bilateral agreements with certain U.S. states and supporting the work of CCPE in international negotiations.

During the past two years, Council has made tremendous progress toward securing our first bi-lateral agreement, yet much remains to be done this year. In conjunction with our Annual General Conference to be held in Calgary, we will host a mobility forum, on April 28, 2001, to which all western states and western provinces/territories as well as CCPE and our U.S. counterparts have been invited.

We are optimistic that this initiative by APEGGA will be the catalyst that leads to greatly improved relations with our southern neighbours and greatly improved mobility for professionals from both countries.

Task Force Reports
On President's Honorarium

The Honorarium Task Force reported to Council in September and has recommended three initiatives to further evaluate the proposal to provide some sort of honorarium for APEGGA presidents. Theses are outlined elsewhere in this edition of the PEGG and on the website.
Key among these is the need for stakeholder input and a sub-committee has been struck to meet with interested groups and receive comment. Meetings with past presidents have been scheduled and meetings with the Calgary Branch and Edmonton District are being planned.
The branches have been invited to submit comment or to arrange meetings in the branch with stakeholders. Other meetings are being considered and interested persons or groups are invited to send comment by mail or e-mail to either APEGGA office.

Season's Greetings
And Thanks for the Help

In closing, on behalf of the management and staff of APEGGA, I wish to extend a very sincere thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who have given so generously of their time and expertise to the many boards, committees and task forces that do the work necessary for us to fulfill the obligation we have been given through the EGGP Act, to protect public safety and interest. Our 34,000 members and the public of Alberta have been well and truly served by your significant contribution.

And to all members, your families and friends, and all who we have the pleasure of working with during the year and those we serve, a very Merry Christmas and sincere best wishes for every success and much happiness in the New Year.

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