The PEGG January, 2001

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Dr. George Govier's Name, Research And Enthusiasm Flow Onward /1

Alberta Research Council officially opens its flow and sensor centre.

In the Picture /2

Engineers display their winning house.

President's Notebook /3

As an Outreach volunteer you can make a difference.

Council Briefs

Membership dues nudged upward in 2001 APEGGA budget.

Al Maurer's New Gig /6

Note to Mr. Maurer's French teacher: this engineer is definitely no cog

APEGGA Nominees /8

Environmentalism Meets Entrepreneurialism /7

The Last Stack is a sometimes unglamorous look at one company's life.

Calgary Branch Nominations /9

The Honorarium Proposal / 9

Background offered on Honorarium Proposal

The New Overseas Development Ethic /10

The days of waltzing in and doing it your way have passed.

Sun Microsystems /12

APEGGA, Sun Microsystems reach 'engineer' agreement.

Permit Changes / 13

Council gives the permit system a facelift.

NOVA Gets Cracking / 15

The world's largest ethane cracker goes to work in Joffre.

CSEG Marks 50th /16

Executive Director's Notes / 17

They're Real Lugers /17

Nothing slides by Calgary branch's team of lugers.

In the News /18

PEGG These Dates / 19

APEGGA Calendar / 21

Careers / 23

Past Presidents' Society Reception / 24


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