January, 2001

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Nothing Slides By Calgary Lugers
In High-Speed Fund Raiser

Ready, set, luge! The Calgary branch has some new faces and
a new team for this year's entry.


APEGGA's own Calgary Branch luge team is getting ready to carve up the ice once again in the Canadian Liver Foundation's Luge for Liver Challenge, slidding into Canada Olympic Park on Feb. 3. Making up this fearless fund-raising foursome are experienced lugers Steve Wyton, P.Eng. and Stephen Calderwood, P.Eng., along with John Pastega, P.Eng. and Kyle Keith, P.Eng.

In 1999 the Lucid Lugers had an impressive record at the event, posting the best time of 100 teams in the preliminary round. Team member Bruce Dupuis, P.Eng., recorded the fastest time overall for the event.

After taking a luge hiatus in 2000, Steve Wyton feels the team -- now known as Blood, Sweat and Geers -- is keen and excited to take a crack at the track in February 2001. "There's nothing like the rush of propelling your body at high speed down a frozen waterslide on an old, rickety toboggan," he says.

But the boys are not just in it for the glory. "We basically want everyone to know about this event," says Steve. "It's a fantastic event, a lot of fun, and a good cause. We would sure appreciate any sponsorship".

All proceeds raised at the Luge for Liver Challenge go to the Canadian Liver Foundation. Those interested in supporting the team in their icy endeavors are encouraged to contact Steve Wyton at the City of Calgary, (403) 230-6647. If you would like to find out more about the Luge for Liver Challenge or how to enter a corporate team, please call the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Liver Foundation at 257-0065.

Everyone is welcome to come out to Canada Olympic Park on Feb. 3 to watch the fun and cheer on the team!


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