January, 2001

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APEGGA, Sun Microsystems
Reach 'Engineer' Agreement

An agreement has been reached between APEGGA and Sun Microsystems Canada Inc. over the use of the word "engineer" in the company's job titles.

APEGGA initiated action against an employee of Sun Microsystems Canada Inc., after learning that the individual -- who is not registered with APEGGA -- was misrepresenting himself by using the word "engineer" in his title.

Following two years of discussion in which resolution by legal action appeared inevitable, APEGGA and Sun Microsystems Canada Inc. have recently agreed upon a resolution as put forth by Sun Microsystems.

Sun Microsystems has undertaken to no longer use the word "engineer" in any job titles used in Alberta, unless the individual to whom the title pertains is a recognized professional engineer as designated by P.Eng., in compliance with the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act.

There is a growing concern within APEGGA and with other provincial regulatory bodies over the proliferation of titles such as "systems engineer" by those who are unlicensed and using the term "engineer" loosely, thereby misleading the public. In accordance with the EGGP Act, an Alberta statute, no one may use the words engineer, geologist or geophysicist in combination with any other name, title, description, letter, symbol or abbreviation that represents expressly or by implication that he/she is a professional engineer, geologist or geophysicist, unless licensed by APEGGA.

Under the direction of APEGGA's Director of Compliance and the Enforcement Review Committee, APEGGA's compliance program intends to give members of the general public confidence that when they retain a person or company using these titles, they are receiving the services of a responsible licensed professional.

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