January, 2001

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Past President's Society


You could say they put the "present" into president. During the Past Presidents' Society Reception on Nov. 22, at the D.A. Lindberg Conference Centre, APEGGA's leaders from years gone by presented their association with an original painting by O.N. (Rick) Grandmaison, 1932-1985. The son of indigenous portrait painter Nicholas de Grandmaison, Mr. Grandmaison studied at the Banff School of Fine Arts, the Chelsea School, in London, England, and later under his father at the Winnipeg School of Art. Many of his scenes were painted near his studio at Red Deer Lake, capturing the essence of southwest Alberta. From left are past presidents Ron Gray, P.Eng., Norman Orr, P.Eng., Robert Savage, P.Eng., Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., Tom Chambers, P.Eng., Donald Bellow, P.Eng., Noel Cleland, P.Eng., Emil Sanden, P.Eng., Barry Lester, P.Eng., and Fred Otto, P.Eng.

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