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Editor's Note: Checking In, a regular feature of The PEGG, is designed to keep you up-to-date on APEGGA's numerous and varied programs and initiatives. Consider it a project report and news digest, with website links and PEGG references to help you find out more.


√Don't forget that APEGGA's 2005 Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting take place in Calgary, April 21-23. Inserts on the conference appeared in the last two editions of The PEGG, but you can register and find out what you need to know online.

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√APEGGA helps university students chart their educational and career path. A case in point: the University of Calgary's First and Second Year Engineering Dinner, March 9 at Calgary's Fairmont Palliser Hotel. APEGGA sponsors members who volunteer to attend the dinner. The annual event is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet professionals and find out more about various engineering disciplines. This year saw a record-breaking number of professionals attend the dinner — over 70.


√Here's an interesting number: over 600 members volunteered to participate in the Outreach program in 2004. Volunteers are needed for a myriad of events, ranging from student mixers to National Engineering & Geoscience Week events, to Rock and Fossil clinics. A volunteer's time commitment can be as little as a few hours one evening to once a month serving on a work group.

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√Jeff Marsh P.Eng., recently took a moment to share his perspective on this year's APEGGA Calgary Science Olympics:

“The event that I remember with the most fondness was the mystery event in which the students were given a length of string, a roll of masking tape, and as much newspaper as they wanted to construct the longest possible nose to be attached to one of the students. Ingenuity and creativity just poured out of those kids. It just goes to show that while there are techniques to be learned and principles applied in the practice of engineering, one should never forget about the importance of creativity and imagination. The one image that sticks in my mind was the small but bright-eyed boy who stood stock still against a pillar for the whole duration of the event as his team members busily flitted around him constructing and tweaking what turned out to be one of the more successful designs. Despite how hard it must have been to stand still for so long and the obvious discomfort of having this apparatus attached to his head that others were constantly poking and prodding at, the gleam never left his eyes nor the smile his face the whole time. And in the end he proudly strutted around the floor in the Parade of Noses.”

For more about of this year's celebration of National Engineering & Geoscience Week, see the front and pages 6 and 7 of this issue of The PEGG.


√There's been a reported increase in the presence of local political and business leaders at President's Visits to the branches. This enhances member visibility in communities across the province. Since the beginning of 2005, President Linda Van Gastel, P.Eng., has visited 11 branches ranging from Fort McMurray to Vermilion River to Lethbridge. Included in her presentation are updates on our new brand strategy, the Inclusivity Initiative and the draft consultation Strategic Plan.

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