student advantage program (asap)

VOLUNTEER advantage

Students enrolled in a Masters or PhD program do NOT qualify for this membership.


Your education is a life-long process, and it does not begin and end in the classroom. To complement your academic success, you can learn new skills and meet a wider range of people in your professional field by volunteering.

APEGGA's Outreach program promotes science and science-based careers to elementary, junior and senior high school students. Professionals and university students visit classrooms to give curriculum-based presentations about the various disciplines of engineering and geoscience. They also participate in career fairs, science competitions and develop demo kits that better illustrate principles of science to students.

As an Outreach volunteer, you will support science and math education in Alberta, develop presentation and interpersonal skills, enhance resume material, contribute to your future profession, meet new people, and have fun. Help make science cool!

For more information and to register as an Outreach volunteer, visit: