engineer & Geoscience ring ceremonies

What is an Engineer's or Geoscientist's Ring Ceremony?


The Ring Ceremonies are private ceremonies where the Engineering and Geoscientist graduates obligate themselves to honorably and ethically practice their professions.  Candidates are granted the right to wear an iron ring or an earth ring on their working hand as a symbol of that commitment. The engineer candidates formally accept the Obligation of an Engineer and receive a stainless steel ring.  Geoscientist candidates accept the Obligation of a Geoscientist and receive an Earth Ring.

Prior to the Ring Ceremony, APEGGA hosts a Professional Practice Workshop, which allows students the opportunity to meet and discuss ethical issues with professional members of APEGGA.  Four case studies are evaluated. The cases present registration, compliance, ethics and investigative issues intended to demonstrate the importance of ethical considerations in the practice of the professions.

The workshop takes place in the morning and is followed by a luncheon.  The Ring Ceremonies follow in the afternoon.

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