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Benefits of a
Mentor/Protege Relationship...

The Mentoring

and Definitions...

Mentoring Styles

Attributes, Skills
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The Mentoring

Important Issues

A. Source
B. Activities
C. The Mentoring Contract

Appendix: B

  1. APEGGA’s supporting role
  2. APEGGA as the regulator of EGG in Alberta
  3. The Member-in-Training Program
  4. The Code of Ethics
  5. The EGGP Act
  6. Career paths and planning
  7. Technical society participation
  8. Managing stress and stressful situations
  9. Industry trends and future promise or peril
  10. Financial planning
  11. Working to live: finding balance
  12. Communications
    - writing
    - electronic
    - preparing presentations
    - giving presentations
    - listening
    - reading
  13. Societal implications of EGG work
  14. Management skills
  15. Time management and personal effectiveness
  16. Project management
  17. Cultural sensitivity
    - working in Canada
    - working outside Canada
  18. Gender and lifestyle sensitivity
  19. Interpersonal skills
    - conflict avoidance
    - conflict resolution
  20. Networking
    - know-how
    - practical skills
  21. Resume preparation
  22. Hiring and interviewing (both sides)
  23. Marketing and sales
  24. Contract employment and consulting practices
  25. Organizational behaviour
    - teams and individuals
    - meetings: when, why, how
  26. Rewards and compensation strategies
  27. The Professional Practice Exam
  28. Continuing professional development
  29. Appropriate social and recreational activities (networking opportunities)
  30. Business and professional etiquette
  31. Changing nature of work in an ambiguous community
  32. Dealing with uncertainty


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