The PEGG February 2000

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2000 APEGGA Annual General Conference: Building Our Professions/ 1

"Building Our Professions" -- a positive outlook for the new millennium -- is the theme of this year's APEGGA Annual General Conference being held in Edmonton Wednesday, April 26 to Friday, April 28. The conference includes two days of professional development sessions, the Summit Award Gala and the Annual General Meeting.

AltaSteel Adds Strength to the Alberta Economy/ 1

Albertans may know this province uses a lot of steel, but they may not realize that some of that steel is manufactured by AltaSteel in Edmonton.

"Engineering -- Anything's Possible!" National Engineering Week Theme/ 2

The theme for National Engineering Week (March 4-12), is "Engineering -- Anything's Possible!" APEGGA again is a major backer National Engineering Week in Alberta, where planned activities include the Science Olympics in Edmonton and similar events in Fort McMurray and Brooks.

New Calgary Branch Executive/ 2

APEGGA's Calgary Branch chosen a new executive on Jan. 20.

Teacher Award Recipient Honoured/ 2

Teacher Award Recipient Honoured Carolyn Dyck, the 1999 recipient of the APEGGA Central Alberta Teacher Award recently was entertained at dinner by the Central Alberta Branch.

President's Notebook / 3

APEGGA President Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., notes that while there are those at home who criticize Canada's system of licensing engineers and geoscientists, there are those abroad who are envious of the Canadian approach.

Final Council Nominations/ 3

The list of nominees for APEGGA's 2000 elections is now complete.

Readers' Forum/ 4

Our Volunteers/ 5

Meet this month's featured APEGGA volunteer Steve Hrynew, P.Eng.

You Asked Us/ 5

Check for an answer to the question "Why is APEGGA selling items like golf shirts and coffee mugs?"

On Our website/ 5

A revised Mega Page aimed at students, teachers and parents is a new element on the APEGGA website?

Practice Standards/ 6

Three practice-standards-related issues are covered this month. They are: a) Qualifications of Welded Steel Fabricators and Erectors b) Revised Guidelines on Application of Professional Stamps, and c) Revisions Proposed to the Code of Ethics.

Executive Director's Notes/ 7

APEGGA Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., discusses the Association's support for the Computers in Schools program.

Across Canada / 7

News briefs from associations in other provinces and territories.

SNC-Lavalin Clears Tracks For Clean Car Solution at Dow/ 8

Dow Chemical Canada had a lengthy shopping list and a tight timetable for building a fully automated railcar washing facility at its new Fort Saskatchewan polyethylene plant. It was left to SNC-Lavalin Inc. to find an appropriate and innovative design.

Don't Give Those Computers the Boot/ 9

Businesses, governments and other organizations, including APEGGA, are helping students by recycling computers through the Computers for Schools program.

Changes Needed in Engineering Education Says Academy Report 9

The Canadian Academy of Engineering has issued a task force report calling for changes to engineering education in Canada -- notably a broadening of the education of engineering studies beyond the technical aspects of the specialist engineering disciplines.

University Student News/ 10

WIUGC Y2K A Hit With Students/ 10

APEGGA was an active sponsor at the 2000 Western Inter-University Geological Conference, hosted from Jan. 13_16 by the University of Calgary.

Expect to Hear More From ATCO Noise Management/ 11

From its base in Calgary, ATCO Noise Management Ltd. is developing an international reputation as a one-stop source of expertise on noise control technology.

Mir Ali, P.Eng., A Rising Star With Both Feet on the Ground/ 12

The 1999 recipient of APEGGA's Early Accomplishment Award, Mir Ali, P.Eng., has benefited from mentors and now seeks to return the favour to others embarking on their engineering careers. Check this Summit feature on page 12 of The PEGG.

Bob Hawrelak, P.Eng. -- An Engineer With a Flair for the Dramatic / 13

Through his contribution to the technical side of theatre production, Bob Hawrelak, P.Eng., provides living proof that the arts and science don't exist in isolation.

Engineering Natural Solutions to Stormwater Management/ 14

Marcel LeBlanc, P.Eng., and Carol Craig, C.S.L.A., of UMA Engineering in Edmonton Engineers, show how engineers, landscape architects and other environmental specialists can work to preserve and enhance wetland areas.

In the News/ 15

Through the Decades Early Promise Turns to Disappointment, Then War/ 16

By focusing on the years 1911 to 1920, The PEGG continues a year-long series in which some major accomplishment by Alberta engineers and geoscientists during the 20th century are highlighted decade by decade.

Kudu's Innovative Pump Gives Firm a Jump on Competition/ 17

Kudu Industries' involvement in developing and marketing progressing cavity pumps has changed the profile of the oilpatch. Kudu Industries.

Have Your Say/ 18

Careers/ 19

Registration/ 20

World Watch/ 21

Briefs from the international engineering and geoscience press. APEGGA Calendar/ 22 PEGG These Dates/ 23 Electrical Restructuring / 24 The PEGG presents the third and final installment of a three-part series examining changes already affecting the way Albertans generate, distribute and purchase their electricity.

APEGGA Calendar/ 22

PEGG These Dates/ 23

Electrical Restructuring/24







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