The PEGG February 2001

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A Conference Beyond / 1

APEGGA's Annual General Conference heads Beyond the Frontier. For more information and to register for the 2001 Annual General Conference please check out our website at

In the Picture / 2

Christmas receptions draw crowds.

President's Notebook / 3

Let's hear it for APEGGA's dedicated staff.

Readers' Forum / 4

Nominees for APEGGA 2001 Elections / 5

From the Branches / 5

Lots of projects pulled from the Hat.

Entrepreneurialism in the Classroom / 7

Junior Achievement turns to APEGGA for volunteers.

The Long Line / 8

Scotsford Upgrader is hundreds of kilometres from it's life source.

website List Helps You Learn About Climate Change / 9

For the benefit of members who are looking for a place to start exploring the field, the Environment Committee has identified a list of websites.

Small Firm, Big Pipeline / 10

Singleton Associated Engineering plays major role in Alliance Pipeline.

Volunteer Profile / 11

Mary Ann Byrd: Variety and Challenge Key to a Fulfilling Career

Rat Hole Begone / 12

University of Calgary Makes its Mark / 14

Congress at McGill University Attracts 200-plus Engineering Student Reps

RRSP Season / 15

Even professionals need to maximize their RRSP contributions.

Getting Credit / 16

Federal R&D credit program seeks participation.

In the News / 17

Registration / 18

Cast in Concrete / 20

The Bonhert family of Lethbridge makes an international mark.

APEGGA Calendar / 20

PEGG These Dates / 22

Societies Listing / 22

Careers / 23


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