Terri-Jane Yuzda


Changes and Challenges in Medicine Hat

Member at Large

The Medicine Hat Branch of APEGGA includes Brooks and the surrounding area to the borders of Saskatchewan and the United States. The area continues to be active in promoting engineering, geology and geophysics within the community, and providing opportunities for members to learn, grow and remain in contact with their Association.

Activities in 2002 began with a President's Visit in January, hosted at the Canadian Forces Base Suffield. The evening was an opportunity for members in the area to meet the outgoing and incoming APEGGA presidents, welcome new area APEGGA inductees, and recap the past year for the Medicine Hat Branch with the annual general meeting. The event was enhanced by a delicious buffalo steak meal prepared by the base's chefs.

A number of events during the year promoted branch member participation and learning opportunities. A presentation by the City of Medicine Hat's Economic Development Department was held in the spring. This event highlighted that Medicine Hat has reached the 50,000 mark in population, an important benchmark in planning services and future growth.

In keeping with tradition, the eighth annual APEGGA/ASET Golf Tournament was held during the summer. As usual, both groups enjoyed a good time.

A joint plant tour of the Wittke Waste Management facility was held in late October. Members from the branch co-hosted a Family Science Olympics with Praxis in October during National Science & Technology Week. This event attracted children and adults from around the city to interactive science displays designed to enhance both interest in and an understanding of science principles. The branch also hosted a family BBQ with Rocketry demonstrations and Star gazing at the local observatory. This new type of event was extremely popular attracting our highest member turnout for the year.

This year the branch co-hosted several activities with other organizations as a means to expand networking possibilities and help with the workload and costs of events.

Community Development
Growth within the area continues, both within industry and the city infrastructure. The Goodyear tire plant has undertaken an expansion to increase product lines. Plans continue for a future Encana/Canadian Fertilizers Co-Generation facility. A City of Medicine Hat/Cancarb co-generation facility is on line.

A project to twin the Allowance Avenue Overpass, which spans the Canadian Pacific Rail system near the city center, is the city's major expansion project for 2002/2003. A second overpass to twin the existing two-lane overpass is well underway as part of an overall project to twin the entire north-south corridor within the city.

When the overpass is completed, only a short stretch in the city's north side will remain to be twinned. If the 23rd Street connector is twinned in the future, an entire four-lane ring will be in place from Highway 1 through the city and back out to Highway 1 on the south side.

Within our region, water supply is an important topic. The tiny community of Walsh with 70 water users and the hamlet of Seven Persons with 300 people struggle with water supply and quality issues. Both communities are under county control, and county officials are struggling to provide cost effective solutions.

There is plenty of activity in this corner of the province, and the year 2003 promises to provide many more challenges.

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