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Full Compliance Target
Bumps Up Department's Activity


Director, Compliance

Editor's Note: This column is one in a series prepared by the APEGGA Compliance Department.

The year 2002 was a particularly active one for APEGGA's Compliance Department and the Enforcement Review Committee. A record 879 cases were investigated, resulting in the successful closure and resolution of 727, as we continued to aggressively work towards achieving Council's goal of 100 per cent compliance with the requirements of the EGGP Act.

Our efforts focused on investigating member and public complaints, as well as proactively identifying actual and suspected violations by examining a number of data and information sources. Those included the Alberta Gazette, newspapers, career pages, articles, yellow pages, business directories and out-of-province member lists. Additional programs - started in 2001 and escalated in 2002 - involved improving the registration in the advanced technology and geoscience communities, and improving the reinstatement of outstanding permits to practice.

The ultimate long-term objective is that all individuals engaged in one or more of the practices of engineering, geology or geophysics in Alberta are licensed and use proper titles, and that all businesses using the protected titles or practicing the professions are fully qualified and hold a permit to practice.

A positive fallout from increased Compliance activities is the mounting evidence that members are on side. Awareness of title and practice violations appears to be increasing, and so does reporting by members. The Compliance Department values the integrity of our membership and gives first priority to complaints from members and the public.

Our members should be our eyes and ears. Your assistance is most appreciated and welcome. Please direct complaints in this area to Louise Heron, the department's compliance secretary.


Q. What is the correct procedure for laying a complaint to APEGGA on a compliance issue?

A. As the Compliance Department deals with non-members, the complaint is not required to be in writing. However, the complaint must be accompanied by evidence such as a business card, report etc. If the evidence is sufficient to support the complaint, our staff will make contact with the person or company complained against. The source of the complaint remains anonymous.


  • 178 personal applications received, primarily as the result of a campaign of contacting individuals moving to Alberta from other provinces to advise them of registration requirements.

  • 98 permits to practice issued or reinstated for companies engaged in the practice of one or more of the three APEGGA professions. The addition of a third part-time compliance consultant in March 2002 expanded the department's capabilities of contacting and investigating the activities of companies to determine whether or not a new permit or reinstatement is required. Compliance consultant investigations also allowed the department to verify the activities of 49 companies as not practicing.

  • 30 individuals and 12 companies stopped misusing protected titles. Typical examples would be use of the words engineering, geology and/or geophysics when the activity is not the practice of these specific professions. The violators complied by either deletion or substitution of the illegally used words with ones more appropriate.

  • The remaining case resolutions were for various reasons, among them the verification that individuals or permit holders were registered, that individuals were no longer working or living in Alberta, and that trade names were being used by APEGGA members.

If you suspect a non-member or non-permitted company of operating in contravention of the EGGP Act, contact

Louise Heron
(780) 426-3990,
Toll-free1-800-661-7020, Ext. 325

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