Terri-Jane Yuzda

Use of the Title
Microsoft Certified
Systems Engineer


APEGGA Executive Director and Registrar

There is some confusion surrounding the question of persons holding the Microsoft title "Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer" and the acronym "MCSE." As you know, in May 2001 the engineering profession reached an understanding with Microsoft Corporation whereby Microsoft agreed that persons holding this designation would use the acronym but not the full title. This was in response to the profession's concerns that members of the public could be misled into thinking that these persons were qualified engineering professionals, when in fact they are not and do not claim to be.

APEGGA, and the Alberta Government, have notified educational institutions and designation holders that use of this title would be considered a violation of the EGGP Act and that prosecution could result. A high level of compliance was enjoyed since that time.

In July 2002 Microsoft issued a statement to all designation holders indicating that they do not agree with the legal interpretation and are no longer requesting certificate holders to honor the agreement with the engineering profession. They further indicate that Microsoft will fully support their designation holders who use these terms.

APEGGA is concerned that persons may be misled by the use of these terms. Although the usage has been greatly reduced in recent months, there is concern that this latest release by Microsoft might cause persons who hold the designation to again use the full title. We would appreciate being notified of any individuals you may know of that use the designation and of any persons who might be misled by that use (lheron@apegga.org). The public may not be aware that persons holding the MCSE designation do not possess the qualification and expertise that professional engineers do. Public safety is of utmost importance and we, as professionals, all have a responsibility to play our part in fulfilling our obligations under the EGGP Act in that regard.

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