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Volunteers Shine for APEGGA

BY Tara Madden
Public Relations Coordinator

Volunteering serves many purposes. It augments your social life, allows you to develop new skills, build your resume and experience, assess possible career changes, even attend free shows and events. Volunteers have fun and contribute to the people around them.

As is the case with many associations and not-for-profit organizations, volunteers are the lifeblood of APEGGA's events and activities. From serving on Council, to being apart of the many committees that support the activities of the Association, to participating in the APEGGA Outreach Program, volunteers are an integral part of your Association.

But what, really, do our volunteers do and how do they make a difference? From the very top down, there are many areas where members just like you lend their talents, their expertise and their leadership.

Council and Committees

APEGGA's Council is made up of a group of volunteers dedicated to overseeing the functions of the Association and ensuring that our mandate is fulfilled, under the authority of the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act.

In addition, APEGGA has many boards, committees and task forces that oversee members' professional performance, help set policy for the professions, and perform a number of other regulatory and non-regulatory roles. These committees are primarily composed of professional members, and they help ensure that professional members continue to be governed by their peers.

Outreach Program

APEGGA's Outreach Program offers a free provincewide service that supports the efforts of teachers and parents to spark an interest in science and math among Alberta students. Our volunteers offer classroom presentations demonstrating science and math; participate in career events, such as job shadowing and career interviews; and judge science projects.

APEGGA is a tremendous resource base of practicing scientists and innovators who can share their knowledge and experience with young people. They also help promote an interest in the sciences, science-based careers, math and technology.

Other Activities

In addition to these areas, volunteers actively participate in the annual Ring Ceremonies for graduating university students, take part in university student mixers and help out with professional development activities.

From the youngest school children to the most experienced and seasoned professionals, the efforts of our volunteers leave a lasting impression on all. Without them, APEGGA could not function. We salute the fabulous volunteers who contribute their time and energies to fulfilling the needs of the Association and its members.

For more information on volunteer opportunities with APEGGA, please visit our website at www.apegga.org/members/volunteer or call us at 1-800-661-7020.

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