The PEGG March 2000

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Putting a Face on the Professions/ 1

APEGGA is partnering with Alberta Venture Magazine as a sponsor of the We Mean Business television pilot. The initiative is one of many by the Association to connect with general and specific audiences.

The University of Alberta Starts Building New Engineering Complex/ 1

The University of Alberta's has begun construction of a new Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Facility.

Computers For Schools/ 2

APEGGA has turned over some its computer equipment to the Alberta Computers for Schools program.

Using AGEGGA's Logo/ 2

The Association encourages members and Permit holders to use the logo. However, specific rules apply.

President's Notebook/ 3

APEGGA President Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., welcomes the Alberta government's plans for a new Alberta Heritage Foundation for Science and Engineering Research.

Engineering Week Calendar/ 3

A full schedule of events in various Alberta centres is planned for National Engineering Week.

Readers' Forum/ 4

Council Briefs/ 5

Changes to the Code of Ethics, and Continuing Professional Development Compliance Procedures were among the topics on the agenda as APEGGA's Council met in Calgary on Feb 3. Check also for other issued discussed and decided.

Act, Regulation and Bylaw Changes/ 6

APEGGA members will be asked to approve a number of proposed legislative changes at the Annual General Meeting in April. The changes relate the Code of Ethics, Councillors' participation on statutory boards and committees, and requirements that members reply to communication received from the Association.

Regulating the Engineering Titles/ 7

APEGGA Director of Compliance Dave Todd, P.Eng., cautions those who are taking uncertified program that promise the title "engineer" to their graduates.

CCPE Report/ 7

As part of National Engineering Week, the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers is distributing engineering trading cards to spark interest in engineering among Canadian children and teenagers, and their parents.

Our Volunteers/ 8

Gary Faulkner, P.Eng, PhD, manages to combines his work as acting chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta with his responsibilities as chair of the APEGGA Board of Examiners.

A Response to ASET/ 9

APEGGA President Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., has written a letter responding to statements on Registered Professional Technologists contained in a recent edition of Technology Alberta, the publication of the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists

Campus News/ 9

This month's campus news includes information about Alberta universities' participation in the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race.

U of C's Workplace Learning Research Unit Working to Encourage On-the-Job Learning/ 10

The Workplace Learning Research Unit at the University of Calgary applies an interdisciplinary approach to continuing education.

Alberta Earmarks $500 Million For Science & Engineering Research Fund/ 10

The Alberta government will set aside $500 million for an Alberta Heritage Foundation for Science and Engineering Research Engineering Research

Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase / 11

Techna-West Engineering Ltd. was recognized with four awards for its ability to find innovative and practical engineering solutions on a diverse range of projects at the Consulting Engineers of Alberta's Showcase Awards. Check for other winners.

Research Taking Us Toward a Brave New World of Machine Intelligence/ 12

Bob Brennan, P.Eng., PhD, of the University of Calgary, wants to raise to new levels the "team work" of computers used in automated manufacturing processes.

Ask the Right Questions to Bring Added Value/12

"Value engineering" may go by a number of different names, but aim is the same -- by applying structured group-thinking to a project early on, benefits accrue in the form of added value, reduced development time and consensus building. Martyn Phillips, P.Eng., talks to The PEGG about value engineering.

Annual Conference Information Insert/ 13-16

The PEGG contains a four-page package with detailed information about APEGGA's Annual Conference.

Geophysical Inversion: New Ways of Seeing the Earth's Subsurface/ 17

Modern geophysical tools are provide new insight into what lies underground.

In the News/ 19

News about APEGGA members and Permit-holding firms.

Through the Decades/ 20

The PEGG continues its historical trip through the 20th century, taking a look at Alberta from an engineering geoscience perspective.

U of C Dinner Gets Good Turnout/ 21

With sponsorship from Petro-Canada and APEGGA, the University of Calgary's Engineering Students Society held its 30th Annual First and Second Year Engineering Dinner.

Have Your Say/ 21

Registration/ 22

APEGGA Calendar/ 24

PEGG These Dates/ 25

Careers/ 26

David Irving --Quiet and Consistent Contributor To the Community and the Association/28

In the decade since serving as APEGGA president, David Irving, P.Eng., the 1999 L.C. Charlesworth Professional Service Award recipient continues to contribute to the Association and the professions.




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