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Editor's Note: Following is a report on the most recent APEGGA Council meeting, the last of the 2002-2003 Council year, held April 25 at the new Calgary Conference Centre. The first meeting of the new Council will be held June 12 at 8:30 a.m. in the Lindberg Conference Centre at the Edmonton APEGGA office.

High-Profile Doctor
Named to Council

A high-profile Albertan experienced in the world of professional self-regulation is joining APEGGA Council for a three-year term as a public member. Dr. Larry Ohlhauser, the former registrar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, is the latest provincial appointment to Council.

The Edmontonian joins two continuing public members - Dr. Norman Wagner, a former president and vice-chancellor of the University of Calgary, and Hugh Planche, a former Alberta Government cabinet minister. Calgary communications consultant Judy Williams has completed her term.

The three public members are key to APEGGA's self-regulation and public protection function. It's their job to provide an outside perspective, while observing and taking part in self-government.

Several other boards and committees have public members for similar reasons, and Council also received word of appointments in those cases. In addition to Dr. Ohlhauser, the list of appointments and reappointments announced by Alberta Minister of Human Resources and Employment Clint Dunford includes:

  • Dr. Reg Pridham of Edmonton, appointed as the public member of the Discipline Committee. Norm Mattson of Edmonton leaves the committee after a three-year term.

  • Dr. John Railton of Calgary, reappointed as a public member on the Board of Examiners. He continues on with Terry Gunderson of Sherwood Park and Dr. Wayne Pettapiece, P.Ag., of Edmonton.

  • Bryan Evans, R.P.T.(Eng.), of St. Albert and Michael Sheen, R.E.T., of Lethbridge, both reappointed to the Board of Examiners as representatives of the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists.

  • Michael Day of Red Deer, reappointed as the public member to the Practice Review Board.

  • Phil Luman, P.Biol., of Calgary, reappointed as the public member to the Investigative Committee.

U.S. Examinations
On Canadian Soil

The writing of U.S. engineering examinations on Canadian soil continues to be an APEGGA strategy in the ongoing challenge of simplifying licensure throughout North America - while maintaining high standards. Council heard that a proctoring agreement with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying is nearing approval, which will allow APEGGA to screen and approve engineers here who want to write Fundamentals of Engineering examinations without heading south.

APEGGA Deputy Registrar Al Schuld, P.Eng., and Dr. Milt Petruk, P.Eng., APEGGA's manager of examinations, recently went to the NCEES headquarters in South Carolina to take their training as "chief proctors." While there, they also concluded the necessary master agreement to make APEGGA a proctoring site, and exchanged information.

The plan is that the FE examination will be offered in Edmonton and Calgary in October 2003 and every six months after that, under NCEES conditions. Results will go to APEGGA, and APEGGA or NCEES will transmit them to any state licensing board where a candidate applies.

Those won't be the first times U.S. exams have been written here. As a result of an Economic Development Edmonton promotion of the exporting of Alberta's engineering services, candidates for Montana licensure wrote eight-hour NCEES examinations in October 2002 and April 2003. More than 50 candidates wrote the exams, under arrangements involving Economic Development Edmonton, APEGGA, the University of Alberta and the Montana State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

Also, for a number of years APEGGA has proctored U.S. state board examinations when the demand was there and the individual boards were willing to allow it. However, many boards have stopped doing this because they're concerned about their liability should the security of examinations be breached.

Provisional Licenses Investigated

APEGGA will investigate creating a new type of provisional license for some foreign-trained engineers and geoscientists, Council decided. Some associations have developed provisional licenses for those whose only missing eligibility requirement is one year of Canadian experience.

The Council motion means staff will work with the relevant boards and committees to investigate the concept, then develop proposed amendments to the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act and Regulations. Council would then further consider the amendments.

'Workplace Safety
Needs Our Attention'

Workplace accidents cost Canadians billions of dollars a year and deserve greater attention from the professions, said Dr. Fred Otto, P.Eng., who is wrapping up his term as a Canadian Council of Professional Engineers director. He said the statistics on deaths, lost time and lost dollars are "quite staggering."

Said Dr. Otto: "There are questions I think we should all ask. Are there enough licensed engineers responsible for workplace safety? Are we doing all we can? And do we need to give greater visibility and prominence to the responsibilities that professional engineers and geoscientists have in workplace safety? I think this is something we should be looking at really seriously."

Dr. Otto was commenting on a report of the Canadian Academy of Science, titled Protecting the Public and the Environment - A Responsibility of Canadian Professional Engineers. Read the report online by visiting www.acad-eng-gen.ca and clicking on Publications.

Nominating Committee Named
Council named the persons to be invited to serve on the nominating committee for the 2004/2005 Council election, which was then approved with additions at the APEGGA Annual General Meeting on April 26.

Returning from last year are Allan Davies, P.Eng., of EPCOR; Anast Demitt, P.Eng., ADEM Engineering Consultants Ltd.; Leo Flaman, P.Eng., Bantrel Inc.; Elaine Honsberger, P.Geoph., EnCana Corporation; Shawn McKeown, P.Eng., Golder Associates; Don McLeod, P.Eng., SNC-Lavalin; Jay Ramotar, P.Eng., Alberta Government Transportation; Kim Sturgess, P.Eng., KSI Management; Chris Wade, P.Eng., City of Calgary.

New appointments are Dr. Robin Black, P.Eng., National Research Council; John Hogg, P.Geol., EnCana Corporation; Mary Ann Byrd, P.Eng., Systems and Engineering Consultants; Steve Wyton, P.Eng., City of Calgary; Paul Ruffell, P.Eng., EBA Engineering; Sue Evison, P.Eng., Klohn-Crippon; Ron Triffo, P.Eng., Stantec; Tom Greenwood-Madson, P.Eng., ATCO; Nima Dorjee, P.Eng., University of Calgary; Life Member John Wood, P.Eng.

Standard, Guideline
Near Publication

Council looked over the most recent drafts of a new practice standard and a new practice guideline. Both documents - serving two different areas of professional practice - will soon be published for member use.

The Practice Standard for Evaluation of Oil and Gas Reserves for Public Disclosure comes out of concerns from the Alberta Securities Commission that evaluations sometimes prove to be overly optimistic and could mislead investors. The standard, however, details the professional expectations that - when used in conjunction with the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook - should improve the reliability of evaluations.

The Guideline for Relying on Work Prepared by Others helps members identify work by others, evaluate the quality and applicability of the work, and understand their due diligence responsibilities and obligations when they use the work.

Council Helps CCPG
Make Up Shortfall

APEGGA Council upped the amount it pays to the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists on behalf of geologist and geophysicist members, to bring it in line with the assessment provided to CCPE.

Council approved future funding of $11.05 for every geoscience member in 2004, $13.45 in 2005 and $15.45 in 2006. The 2003 funding level is $8.65.

Identical increases were passed last year for the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, which faces a funding crunch due to the loss of external revenues.


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