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Passing Along
a Love of Engineering

Paul Schnitzler, P.Eng., and family in Thailand.

Public Relations Coordinator

Paul Schnitzler, P.Eng., has been an APEGGA member for 12 years. He received a diploma in civil engineering technology from Lethbridge Community College and a bachelor of science in civil engineering from the University of Calgary. Paul has previously worked as a traffic assessment coordinator and traffic signals engineer. He is currently employed as a development engineer with the City of Calgary.

Paul has been volunteering with the Outreach program for six years. His favourite type of Outreach presentation is air and aerodynamics. In addition, he currently volunteers on the Practice Standards Committee.

Why do you volunteer with APEGGA?
APEGGA has an established and well-organized student Outreach program. It is through my volunteer work in this program that I can fulfill my passion to teach math, science and engineering to the school-aged, through group interaction and hands-on learning, while at the same time assisting APEGGA in its mandate to promote the profession.

Do you recall a particularly memorable volunteer experience?
During one school visit I had a Grade 9 class construct cantilever box trusses out of matchsticks (heads removed). Several groups of three were formed and each group's goal was to design and construct the truss to withstand the greatest load with the least amount of material. The competition generated a lot of excitement especially during the testing phase. It was nice to see a group of girls win overall.

What made you decide to become and engineer?
As a kid growing up I was always fascinated with the great man-made structures of the world, particularly buildings and bridges. One particular event that made an impact on my career direction was following the construction of the World Trade Center towers in New York. Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge was also a great inspiration.

Is there a person who has been helpful in your development as a professional?
My father was the first to put the idea in my head when I was around 11 or 12. He would say that I would be missing my calling if I didn't pursue a career in engineering. My dad knew I spent a great deal of my time building things, sketching and designing. Figuring that I had some talent, my younger brothers would always second me to the sandbox to construct their cities and freeways for them. I always managed to deliver and their sandbox was the envy of the neighbourhood!

What are your other hobbies and activities?
Spending quiet time and just talking with my wife, Elizabeth. Going for long afternoon walks. Playing with our two boys, Matthew and James. (No, we don't have a sandbox!) I also enjoy playing hockey, cycling, fishing and home improvements.

What are your favourite movie and book?
Favourite Movie: A tie - A Beautiful Life and Schindler's List.
Favourite Book: The RAMA series by Arthur C. Clarke

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would like to visit Australia some day with my family. My wife and I have travelled extensively since we were married in 1987. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have traveled to Egypt and the Holy Land when travel there was safer.

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