Terri-Jane Yuzda

APEGGA COUNCIL 2002 - 2003

Back Row: (from left) Hugh Planche, public representative; Nick Trovato, P.Eng., councillor; Shawn Morrison, P.Eng., councillor; Nima Dorjee, P.Eng., councillor; Dr. Fred Otto, P.Eng., CCPE director; Dr. Rob Stewart, P.Geoph., councillor; Jack Hole, P.Eng., councillor.

Middle Row: Dr. Ian McIlreath, P.Geol., councillor; Judy Williams, public representative; Paula Harding, P.Eng., councillor; Bob Comer, P.Geoph., CCPG director; Dr. Norman Wagner, public representative; Dr. John Moldon, P.Eng., councillor; Ron Triffo, P.Eng., councillor.

Front Row: Andy Gilliland, P.Eng., second vice-president; Mike Smyth, P.Eng., first vice-president; Neil Windsor, P.Eng., executive director and registrar; President Ron Tenove, P.Eng.; Julie Aitken, P.Geoph., councillor; Dale Miller, P.Eng., past president; and Mike Koziol, P.Eng., councillor.

Missing From Photo: Dr. Peter Putnam, P.Geol., councillor.

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