Terri-Jane Yuzda

Measuring Our Progress

Editor's Note: Following is the regular column of the APEGGA Education Foundation.

Guest Columnist

Our progress to the goal of doubling the amount being awarded in scholarships has been difficult to measure in June. One is temporary staff shortage, and the other is a logistical problem in data entry. Donations come in directly and indirectly to the Foundation. The result is that donations are sometimes recorded in the accounts the month after they are received. By the time these accounts are sorted out, we are smack up against the PEGG publishing deadline.

Letters to grandfathered life members and to members who have been professionally registered since 1967 are now drafted and are awaiting to be put into a print-ready status. We have chosen registration date rather than year of graduation because of difficulties sorting graduation information in the database.

To get around the problem with donation accounts, I'll report donation progress a month behind. I would estimate our donations in June are probably enough to add another $30-40 to each scholarship. So watch for the next progress report, which will not be until the September issue of The PEGG.

Corporate Matching of Donations

Many corporations have adopted a policy of matching employees' donations to a charity. I suspect they do this for two reasons. One is to strengthen the bond they have with an employee, and the other is likely as a practical solution to dealing with the huge number of charitable requests they receive. It must be far easier for a corporation to tell a solicitor that employees determine who will receive such monies.

I would like to tell you about this possible opportunity by relating it to my own experience because of the light it puts on the subject. Early last fall, I received a letter from my former employer, TELUS Corporation, announcing that its Community Connections charity campaign was under way. This opportunity is given to current and retired employees.

Those who wish to participate complete a pledge form in which they identify the charity or charities they wish to support, the amount they wish to contribute in the coming year, and whether it is to be lump sum or spread out during the year. The company will identify you as a donor if you wish, and later issue a T-4A slip for tax purposes.

By way of illustration, they supply a sample list of charities supported by employees - a list of more than a 100! This generous support allows an employee to double the size of their donation.

We are trying to put together a list of companies who have similar programs and post this on the APEGGA/ Foundation website. It most cases, it is best to approach your employer directly to see if they offer something similar. I say this because company programs change, and lists circulating are often out of date.

Be sure you understand these things about your employer's program: is the Foundation an acceptable charity to them? will they arrange for you to get the recognition you want? will they issue a T-4A for your tax purposes? can you give as a lump sum or as installments? If the answers are all favourable, you've found a way to help us reach our goal twice as fast. Watch for our lists on the website.

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