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Executive Director & Registrar

In the past 20 years or so, nothing has had greater influence on our lives and on how we do business than the introduction of computer technology on a broad scale. So many things we use daily and now take for granted are controlled by a microchip, and we don't really appreciate our total dependence on such things until there is a failure causing interruption of service.

As engineers and geoscientists, we are largely responsible for the introduction of this technology and for the impact it has had on society generally. The wide use of the Internet and of e-mail has impacted the huge majority of our population and changed the way we do business. It has opened up the world to commerce and made the global community far more accessible to everyone.

What's Your Address?
Strangely though, even though the vast majority of APEGGA members use the Internet and e-mail on a daily basis, there seems to be a reluctance to communicate directly with APEGGA on a mass scale. As developers of this technology we should also be on the leading edge and our professional association should take maximum advantage of it.

Yet only about 46 per cent of our members have provided us with their e-mail address. Undoubtedly this is, at least in part, out of fear of receiving even more "spam" mail than each of us already receives. We share these concerns and will do whatever we can to avoid making the problem even greater.

Spam is a major problem that the industry is trying to overcome and that we are all concerned about. However, that should not deter us from reaping the advantages that this technology can provide.

The Pros of Listserve
Many associations use a listserve to communicate with members and to provide and receive essential information. This can result in substantial savings compared to the time and costs of producing and mailing hard copies of information to members and it has the added advantage of instant delivery no matter in which part of the world our members might be at the time.

Recently, APEGGA has had experience in trying out the listserve concept in a limited way, using some of the e-mail addresses that we do have. The response rate in each case was several times higher than similar mailings using conventional methods, and much faster. This is indeed a powerful tool that we just cannot afford to ignore.

Many members have expressed a preference for receiving information electronically and some have suggested that The PEGG might be available in this format as well. Note that the highlights are currently available on the APEGGA website.

APEGGA will be investigating the best way to distribute and receive various kinds of information during the coming weeks with a view to using the technology currently available in the most effective and efficient way. To do this we will need your cooperation. We will need you to immediately provide us with your e-mail address if you haven't already done so.

We will be asking you what information you would like to receive electronically and you will be given the opportunity to indicate that you do not wish to receive certain things or none at all. Information to be circulated in this way will be carefully controlled and kept to an absolute minimum and every possible step will be taken to guard against unauthorized use of your e-mail address. Protection of your privacy will be foremost.

website Upgrades Possible
We are also considering additional upgrades of the website to provide opportunities for dialogue and to provide a wider range of information to those who need or wish to access it.

Through all these efforts we will strive to provide greater value to members and permit holders through ease of access to information on a timely and efficient basis and ease of access to products, services and programs. Greater input from members resulting from these initiatives will be of huge benefit to Council and staff in determining how we can best meet the needs of our professions and, ultimately, the public we are duty bound to protect.

Please help us to serve you by sending your e-mail address today to email@apegga.org.

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