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Liaison Program Generates Feedback During Presentations to Members

We Hear You
Ross Plecash, P.Eng., assistant director of Communications and Public Relations, brings a message to a crowd of more than 100 City of Edmonton APEGGA members. Meetings big and small are part of the member liaison program, which is designed to keep members informed - as well as hear their concerns and answer their questions.


Generating dialogue between APEGGA and rank-and-file members is the goal of the new Member Liaison Program. Ross Plecash, P.Eng., APEGGA's assistant director of Communications and Public Affairs, says the presentations and meetings he offers provide a good opportunity to inform members about what the Association does, how it goes about it, and some of the challenges it faces.

But just as important is hearing what members have to say, says Mr. Plecash. "We want to open up more of a dialogue between the Association and members. Historically, our communications with members have been primarily one way - the PEGG, our website, and our Continuing Professional Development events provide for only limited feedback," he says.

APEGGA Communications does have a history of meeting with company executives, primarily to attract sponsorship for the Summit AwardsÒ and donations to the APEGGA Education Foundation. Many of the senior managers visited already have an established relationship with the Association, however, so the meetings haven't necessarily broadened APEGGA's exposure.

Mr. Plecash says meeting with a cross-section of engineers, geologists and geophysicists should have some positive results. It may attract more volunteers and member input, perhaps even more donations to the Education Foundation. It may entice potential members to license themselves with APEGGA. And it will help APEGGA tailor programs to meet the needs of members.

The assistant director hopes to speak to about 100 corporate, government or other groups of members and potential members before the year is out. Large and small groups are welcome to use the service. A recent presentation for the City of Edmonton attracted more than 100 engineers.

Representatives of any group of engineers or geoscientists interested in having Mr. Plecash speak should call him at 426-3990 in Edmonton or, from outside the local calling area, at 1-800-661-7020. He'll travel anywhere in the province to meet, and he'll tailor the presentation for each group's wants and needs.


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