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The Semantics of MCSE

Re: Microsoft Changes Stance on Title Infringement, September PEGG

APEGGA Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., is quoted as saying: "The agreement in 2001 was a reasonably acceptable means of resolving the problem." The agreement he referred to is to allow use of the acronym MCSE, but not the spelled out version, Microsoft certified systems engineer.

I strongly disagree. Using MCSE is merely playing with words and not fooling anyone. The engineering profession chose appeasement instead of fully protecting the title, always a dangerous route. It's the thin end of a very big wedge. Now that Microsoft has changed its position, so should the engineering profession, which should now challenge both the acronym and the full spelling. Perhaps Microsoft's change will prove a blessing in disguise. I trust we will get none of this nonsense in geology and geophysics.

Life Member Michael Day, P.Geol.
(Former member of Discipline and other committees)

(R.P.T.) Eng. Designation
Represents Corporate Pressure

Re: Technologists Further Careers, September PEGG

I was appalled to see George Lee's article front and centre. The story and photo symbolize the threat to all "traditional" members of APEGGA. The R.P.T.(Eng.) designation threatens our livelihoods and our position of trust with the public. This is in the name of corporate profit or cost cutting.

The photo of a major corporation's employee underlines the special interests are served by this designation. Major corporations can cut costs by promoting assistants to the level of the expert professionals in their organization. And Council, whose ranks are often filled with managers/executives from these organizations, promotes and condones this threat to the membership.

To paraphrase the old saying about General Motors: "If it is good for (fill in your own corporate name here) it must be in the public interest." This photo is the future, and the story the sugar coating so that the membership buys into it. The propaganda department worked overtime.

I don't see dentists allowing dental hygienists into their profession. I don't see doctors allowing nurses to practice medicine. And the biggie: imagine lawyers allowing their legal assistants to
practice law. But we engineers do now. We let our assistants practice our profession.

This, as many other issues, was not debated, reviewed or approved by the general membership. APEGGA has few forums for members to express their views or wishes. A lack of information and selective nominations around elections prevent true debate, review or referendum on the issues.

There is no voice for the individual member. The ones who impose stuff on the membership use the election to legitimize their positions. They claim they were elected to do so afterwards.

Dave Kachorowski, P.Eng.

Personal Information Reused,
On-line Registry

I received at work a copy of Edmonton Engineering Directory - 2002/2003 Edition by CCS Marketing Resolve. This publication contains the names and addresses of professional engineers in Edmonton.

When I contacted CCS Marketing Resolve, I was told they obtained this information, plus phone numbers, from the APEGGA website. I am disturbed that anyone could obtain my name, home address and phone number without my permission. I am equally disturbed that APEGGA would make this information available without my consent.
When I tried the site, I was able to obtain my name, address, year of graduation, employer and position. I believe this exceeds what is required for the public "to help identify the professional status of APEGGA members, as well as to provide other information that may be of use to individuals for the services of professional engineers and geoscientists."

I know of other members that are disconcerted about this issue. APEGGA should change their policy regarding the availability of personal information.

M.P. Wagner, P.Eng.

Editor's Note: CCS Marketing Resolve used the information without APEGGA's permission. In fact, the directory's publishers were expressly told they could not publish the information. The Association is investigating what actions it can take.

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