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Dave Rumbold, P.Eng., spends much of his time with new daughter Kristen, 15 months.

A Long-Haul Volunteer
Volunteer Commitment Spans Decade


Public Relations Coordinator

Dave Rumbold, P.Eng., employed by Spartan Controls Ltd., in Edmonton, has been an APEGGA member since 1984. He joined as an E.I.T. after graduating from the University of Alberta with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering. Dave is busy at work as a volunteer, but he also has his hands full with a toddler. He looks forward to the end of the day when he can go home and spend valuable time with his 15-month-old daughter, Kristen.

Dave began volunteering for APEGGA in 1992 as a member of the Edmonton Member Liaison Committee, later becoming its chair. In 1995 he shifted focus and became a member of the Act, Regulation and Bylaws Committee. News of his capabilities spread, and in 1998 he was became chair of the Edmonton District Committee.

It appears now that Dave is an APEGGA volunteer for the long haul, with additional experience on the Summit Awards Planning Committee and the Communications Planning Committee, currently as chair. It's no surprise that in 1998 Dave was the recipient of APEGGA's Voluntary Service Award.

Why do you volunteer with APEGGA?
I initially volunteered to learn more about our profession and to meet other members. I volunteer now because I enjoy it so much, and it keeps me in touch with new issues before APEGGA.

As a member and a volunteer, what do you contribute to APEGGA?
I think every APEGGA member has something to offer the Association, and I think I've specifically contributed organizational skills, fresh ideas and energy.

What is the greatest challenge to you in being an engineer?
I think the biggest challenge in any engineer's career is staying technically current and managing information. An engineer needs to take time to step back and focus on what he needs to keep and use, and what to set aside. It's easy to get overwhelmed by everything coming through e-mail, voice mail, etc.

Do you have any advice that you'd offer a new engineering student or professional?
Get involved with your Association or community. You will find it to be a positive, growing experience and you'll make some great contacts!

What do you think the next hot trend, subject or discipline will be in engineering?
I think some of the areas that will continue to see innovation are material and metallurgy and the whole automation/artificial intelligence field.

What would you consider a dream project, one you would like to be involved in?
The heavy oil projects under way and being planned for our province are pretty exciting and I'd like to be involved in more of them.

What are you other hobbies and interests?
Classic cars and Formula 1 racing.

What is your favorite book?
All I read these days are children's books to my daughter!

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