Terri-Jane Yuzda


Defining Our Role in the Kyoto Debate

APEGGA President

In recent months, news media coverage and industry's pulse rate have been dominated by the imminent action of the Prime Minister and federal government to support the Kyoto Protocol. In my July President's Notebook, I encouraged APEGGA members to get informed and involved, as any outcome will certainly impact our work and family situations.

You have also seen articles in the PEGG on the APEGGA Advocacy Task Force as it attempts to determine whether and to what degree APEGGA can reasonably represent membership in having an opinion on issues, which will impact society and membership. The challenge is to not be self-serving but to embrace our mandate of protection of public safety, welfare and well being.

This will be quite a balancing act considering the virtual impossibility of obtaining the opinion of all members in a timely manner. To date, we do not have the answer and deliberations continue.

But our various stakeholder audiences want to know the engineering and geosciences professions' perspective on issues where our technology credentials are the obvious source of informed opinion. Climate change is the current topic of national public attention.

In 1999 APEGGA presented a position paper on Climate Change and the role of our professions to understand the problem and to make a contribution to environmental responsibility. On Sept. 13 APEGGA Council requested that the president of your Association send a letter to government leaders requesting "no decision on support of Kyoto Protocol until Canadians have real information on the content and impacts of ratification and the opportunity to input to a coordinated national strategy."

Here are a few website addresses for information from federal and provincial governments, the United Nations, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Alberta industry, and other groups:

www.iisd.org (International Institute for Sustainable Development
http://unfccc.int (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, links to the Kyoto Protocol itself and other background).

Anticipating APEGGA members will have comments, we have created an area on the APEGGA website to collect your responses. View the form.....here.

View the letter sent to the Prime Minister on Sept. 23 ... here.


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