Terri-Jane Yuzda

Donation Figures Stay on Track


Education Foundation Columnist






Donation data are now available for the year to the end of July:

Voluntary Donations $29,289 (same period last year: $22,872)
Summit Award $31,400 (Calendar year 2002: $21,000)
  (Calendar year 2001: $39,650)

Figures I had in the last PEGG of $53,600 obviously included a substantial amount of Summit Awards® revenue, which appears to be closer this year to an annual average value.

There is always a concern that members will lose interest in supporting this particular charitable effort, and that donations will peak out. It is gratifying to see we are still on track to meet or exceed last year's great result!

I'm hoping our new database will yield other data that measure our growth: number of donors, and average value of donations. Growing our base of support will be the key to our success.


In March 2002, a special resolution was passed by the Education Foundation at the Annual General Meeting to make some changes to the bylaws intended to streamline our operation a bit.

Due to circumstances beyond the foundation's control, these were not submitted to Alberta's Corporate Registry until the fall. They were rejected because pro forma requirements were not met.

On further review it was realized that there may have been an error in the minutes when the resolution was passed and one of the bylaws was left unchanged. By this time, the March 2003 Annual General Meeting was coming up, and it was felt that the part of the minutes should be reviewed by the membership to determine if an error was made.

The result was we corrected the error, and then all the i's were dotted and the t's crossed and it was resubmitted to Corporate Registry.

The registry has now advised that our bylaws failed to cover certain registry needs common to all societies, and it has been rejected again - not because of our changes but because of omissions in the original submission.

We need to meet with their officials and discuss these omissions - perhaps changes have been made to the Societies Act in the meantime. At this point, it looks as if we will have to present another special resolution to our foundation membership and there will be even more delays. Oh well!


The board of directors met by teleconference on June 24 and some important decisions were made.

1. Two committees of the board have been formed to meet with heads of engineering and the earth sciences in both Calgary and Edmonton. They are to meet periodically with those groups to determine needs for funding, programs, or other assistance the foundation may be able to provide.

2. A finance committee has been formed from officers and members of the board. They are tasked to create a business plan and a budget for the foundation and to oversee our investments. So far, our investments have been all in the money market, which has been a fortunate choice the last few years but one that may not be the only choice for safe returns in the times ahead. Also, as our funds grow, it is important to have adequate diversity.

3. Two new officers have been appointed: past-president and treasurer.

4. Some new, possible projects are under consideration: an award under the Management Development Certificate Program at the U of A for professional engineers, geologists and geophysicists; sponsorship of contests at the high school level for essays in physics; and, likely at a higher level, some kind of contest that would promote more effective presentation by our professionals.

Next meeting of the board is scheduled for Sept. 9.

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