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EUB Chairman Demonstrates True Leadership

As an Example to His Staff, Neil McCrank, Q.C., Adds P.Eng. Designation to his Credentials

APEGGA President

Leadership is a quality that most of us have a hard time defining but recognize immediately when we see it. I saw a great example this week.

Neil McCrank, Q.C., P. Eng., chairman of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, is the newest member of APEGGA. Mr. McCrank walked into the Edmonton APEGGA offices recently, met with APEGGA Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., and said, "I want to be a member, what do I have to do?"

He explained that he has more than 100 APEGGA members working for him at the EUB, but that some of his staff who could and should be members had not registered with APEGGA.

Even though it is not strictly required by law, since the EUB is a provincial government agency, Mr. McCrank wanted all his staff to be registered if they were eligible. He told them, "We are a professional organization, let's look like professionals in all respects." The response he got was, "If you think it's so important, why aren't you registered yourself?" Although he has practised law most of his career, Mr. McCrank first graduated with an engineering degree.

That challenge led to his visit to APEGGA, to his writing and passing the professional practice exam, and ultimately to his recent admission to APEGGA. What better way to lead than by example. Of course, the fact that his son is also a professional engineer added some additional pressure at home.

Mr. McCrank is an exceptional leader in other aspects of his life as well, volunteering in his community, serving on the board of the Calgary YMCA and Catholic charities, and currently serving as vice-chairman of the Canadian Energy Research Institute.

At the EUB he has led his team through the recently resolved "gas over bitumen" issue. This was a tough, complex, potentially divisive, emotional, and extremely important issue. Important not just to the oil and gas industry, but even more so to the owners of the resource, the residents of the Province of Alberta.

There are other examples of corporate executives recognizing the value and importance of being licensed as well. In recent years, Eric Newell, P.Eng., of Syncrude, Mike Ashar, P.Eng., of Suncor, and Rick Robinson, P.Eng., of Fluor, all successfully took the necessary steps to become licensed.

This is the kind of senior level leadership that APEGGA really appreciates, and it is a great example to members and potential members alike.

APEGGA congratulates and warmly welcomes its newest member, Neil McCrank, Q.C., P.Eng.


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