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Exam Proctoring Applauded

Re: July PEGG front-page article on U.S. fundamentals of engineering examinations coming to Alberta.

I applaud the efforts of those individuals of our Association who have put forward such a praiseworthy effort to make these exams available here in our province. Having been registered in seven states and the Province of Alberta, I entirely concur with the article that having registration in U.S. will help open doors of opportunity to Alberta engineers in practicing engineering in the U.S.
This is an opportunity that our young engineers, in particular, should take advantage of.

Mahary Gregory, P.Eng., P.E.

Write Them Early

I read with some interest the article on the U.S. engineering examinations. I would like to emphasize one thing and that is take the fundamentals exam, now being proctored in Alberta, as close to graduation as possible.

Having successfully taken the examinations in 2001 30-plus years after graduating, I can attest to the breadth and depth of the curriculum. The fundamentals exam is pretty much the undergraduate degree course, whereas the principles exam is based quite solidly on the expected knowledge of a practicing engineer.

Colin R. Farr, P.Eng., P.E.

Teaching Materials
Go On-line

Awhile back, MIT let the engineering community know that as part of its vision, it would place its course materials on the Web "for all to access" with no restrictions.

Based on this premise of sharing of knowledge, when I wrote my
book, now newly published, on manufacturing engineering, I decided to put an extensive set of teaching on our website.

Although I did inform most of the academic members (worldwide) about this site (about 2,000 professors and other members of the academic community), I believe APEGGA can also contribute to this initiative by informing its members about its existence and content.
The site contains 16, free, downloadable in-class presentations (in PowerPoint and PDF formats), each 20 to 40 slides, for undergraduate and/or graduate manufacturing courses based on my new textbook, Manufacturing: Design, Production, Automation, and Integration(Marcel-Dekker, July 2003).

The purpose of this website is the promotion of free exchange of teaching material. Thus, I would appreciate critiques of the site and its contents from APEGGA's members.

Dr. Beno Benhabib, P.Eng.
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto

Editor's Note: Visit www.mie.utoronto.ca/labs/ciml/bb-book/ to view the materials referred to by Dr. Benhabib.

Science Fair
Success Story

Thank you very much for the award conferred on me by APEGGA at the 2003 Edmonton Regional Science Fair. At the same time I also received the Young Chemist Award from the Chemical Institute of Canada, Edmonton Section.

I would also like to thank the judges, who made very valuable suggestions, which I will follow in revising the present project and in future projects.

I am a student at Ecole Holy Cross School, a French immersion school, which I like very much. I can speak and write Chinese, French and English. I like to learn all subjects.

I have been dreaming of becoming a chemical or other engineer. I wish to add P.Eng. after my name, like my aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa, and join APEGGA.

My project's title is Multipurpose Detergent. I was finding the perfect detergent, one that will not take a lot of space in my house, save my family some money and not harm human skin.

On the Internet I found out about multipurpose detergent. I experimented with it and found out it could replace many other detergents.

A science project could not have been finished without the help of my teachers, parents and many others, to all of whom I owe my gratitude.

Every day I finish my homework and I do extra math as well. Before the science fair I just finished the Fibonacci Contest, on April 9, a nationwide contest for Grade 5 pupils.

My favourite subjects are math, logic, sciences and languages.

Justin Xu Feng



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