Terri-Jane Yuzda

PEGGasus Project On Track,
October Launch Anticipated

Manager Invites Members to Visit
Work-in-Progress Site

PEGGasus Market
Development Manager

In the last issue of The PEGG, we provided you with an overview of the PEGGasus project. You'll recall that PEGGasus is intended to be a marketplace on the Internet, through which APEGGA members can search for, enroll in, pay for, and arrange for the delivery of ongoing professional development.

Since that last report, project activities have proceeded according to plan. Our development partner, Terra Prime Development, has completed the coding of the core functionality of the system and has been working on ensuring the site is fully user-friendly and the background administrative functions are in place. Market development has been focused on attracting professional development providers to offer their services through PEGGasus.

Beta testing began July 10 and the third round was just recently completed by 40 at-large APEGGA members and 10 people more closely related to the project development. Their comments on appearance, on-screen directions, features, search capability etc. have encouraged us to delay the actual launch of the site until early October. We need to ensure we have a product that will be fully capable of meeting your professional development needs.

Even though the system isn't in full production, you can visit the PEGGasus website, at www.peggasus.ca, and see for yourself how things are coming along.

Just a word of caution, though, if you do visit. While the event and course information prior to introduction will be real, it will be quite limited in scale and in scope. As well, we will likely be making updates to the screen formats.

If you do visit and have comments, e-mail them back to me, Derek McCune, at dmccune@apegga.org.

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