Terri-Jane Yuzda


2003 CSPG/CSEG Joint Convention
Technical Program Award Winners

This list acknowledges APEGGA designations - in celebration of our members' accomplishments.

Several other winners are students, applicants, or from outside Alberta.

Best Geological Paper Negative Accommodation and Its Influence On Reservoir Geometry and Quality: The Lower Cretaceous Cadomin Formation of the Deep Basin Area AB

Michael Johnson and Robert W. Dalrymple
Best Geophysical Paper Seismic Calibration To Gamma Ray Logs

Dave Timko, Kristy Howe, Geoph.I.T., Richard Spiteri, P.Geoph.
Best Integrated Paper Discovery of a Pembina Nisku Oil Pool: A Case History of a Nisku Shelf Edge Play

Barry Hebner, P.Geol., and Mike Doty, P.Geoph.
Best Student Paper
(Andrew Baillie Award)
A Case Study Of Barite As A Stratigraphic Tool: An Indicator Of Pauses In Sedimentation?

Michele Asgar-Deen
Best Geological Poster Inferred Exposure of a 'Pop-Up' Structure in the Outer Foothills, Crowsnest Pass Area, Alberta

Glen S. Stockmal
Best Geophysical Poster Multi-Attribute Seismic Analysis On AVO Derived Parameters - A Case Study

Satinder Chopra and Doug Pruden, P.Geoph.
Best Integrated Poster Seismic Interpretation and Physical Analog Modelling of a Sub-Surface Lateral Ramp in the Southern Canadian Rockies (Crowsnest Pass Area, S.W. Alberta)

David Deline and John Dixon
Best Student Poster
(Andrew Baillie Award)

Intrinsic Anisotropy Of Shales

Pavlo Cholach and Douglas R. Schmitt, P.Geoph.

Best Core Presentation Wave and River-Dominated Deltaic Deposits in the Lower Cretaceous
and Best Student Core (Neocomain) Kamik Formation in the Parsons Lake Gas Field, Mackenzie Delta Region, Northwest Territories

Micheal Hearn
Best Integrated Core Good to the Last Drop - Countess Upper Mannville 'D' Oil Pool, Southern Alberta, Canada

Lisa A. Griffith, P.Geol., Debbie White, P.Geoph., Tina Chow, P.Geoph., and Megan Jubb



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