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Public Relations Group Expands in Calgary

Elizabeth Muir Heather Frantz
Elizabeth Muir
Heather Frantz

APEGGA's public relations group has expanded this year to strengthen its focus on Outreach and strong member relations. Elizabeth Muir, a six-year APEGGA employee in the Calgary office, has recently been promoted to full-time Outreach coordinator. And a new face at APEGGA, Heather Frantz, joins the Association to fill the existing position of public relations coordinator.

Volunteers in Calgary are already familiar with the excellent support that Elizabeth has provided to Outreach for the past years. Now she takes on the role full time and with increased responsibility for science and technology awareness activities from Red Deer south. Says Marie Locke, Elizabeth's former supervisor: "Not only does she bring continuity and strong rapport with the volunteers and school officials, she also brings extensive knowledge of the Association, which will be an asset."

Sherrell Steele, APEGGA's manager of public relations and Elizabeth's new supervisor, agrees. "Elizabeth brings extensive member relations skills and a strong network. I am delighted to see her take on an expanded role on our team," she adds.

Elizabeth came to Calgary from St. John, N.B., in 1995 with husband George. After completing an officer's training program at Alberta Vocational College, she obtained temporary employment at APEGGA's Calgary office and soon became a permanent staff member

Heather Frantz has a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Calgary and a bachelor of applied communications, specializing in public relations, from Mount Royal College. Her prior positions include public affairs assistant with the Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank, communications assistant with Human Resources Development Canada in Hull, Que., and communications coordinator for the Business Computer Convergence '98 in Calgary.

Ms. Steele, her supervisor, says: "Heather brings skills in writing, editing, project management, media relations, publications, research and communications." Heather is hard at work already, launching APEGGA's first-ever digital media monitoring service.

Heather was born in Denver, Colo., but has called Calgary home for most of her life. She spends her spare time caring for her furry companion Cody, a three-year old golden retriever.



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