Prime Minister Jean Chretien
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6

Mr. Prime Minister:

Associations responsible for governance of professions seldom take an advocacy role on behalf of their membership given the very diverse nature and personal interests of their members. However, the Kyoto Protocol debate has the potential to have such a dramatic impact on our professions and working communities that we feel compelled to address you.

The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta is the licensing and regulatory body for the approximately 37,000 professionals working in Alberta and globally. Our legislated mandate is the protection of public safety and welfare and of the environment. Our membership represents the highest caliber of professionals in technology education, research, development, industry, government and consulting sectors. We, like all Canadians, wish to protect our environment and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With the utmost respect for public interests, APEGGA suggests that an imminent support of the Kyoto Protocol is not warranted. It is apparent that Canadians lack real information on the contents of the Kyoto Protocol, the implementation plan or any objective and factual assessment of the economic and social implications of ratification. The federal government must work with citizens and industry to research, debate and develop a coordinated national strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This process would also include for review, discussion and national debate, industry submissions for non-Kyoto options for Canada's contribution to the global climate change effort.

For our part, APEGGA professionals will continue to work with research, development and implementation of technology to advance environmental responsibility. We have encouraged our members to keep informed and involved in preparation for participation in a national debate. We respectfully request that opportunity be provided to all Canadians.


Ronald S. Tenove, P.Eng.

Cc: Hon. Ralph Klein, Premier
Hon. Murray Smith, Minister of Energy


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