Terri-Jane Yuzda

Ringing in the New School Year with Engineering Pride

University of Calgary
Student Contributor

The first year of engineering can be one of anxiety and intimidation, but luckily to relieve these initial worries is Frosh Week -- a time devoted to welcoming first-year engineering students into the faculty, teaching them that the life of a student is more than just theoretical concepts, and sharing with them the spirit that is engineering.

Dressed in the robes of ancient Roman times and with the music of Chariots of Fire playing in the background, the members of Engineering Students' Society stood atop the hill in the middle of the Firesticks. Surrounded by a mass of students, they lit a makeshift torch and thus signified to all the commencement of the games for Frosh Week 2002.

From Sept. 16 through 20, first-year engineering students were welcomed through activities such as Adopt a Frosh. To transfer the wisdom of their years, senior students from the various departments are paired with first-year students. We hope that hearing the stories, the legends and the descriptions of experiences from previous years helped these first-year student realize that they are not alone.

The week was also an opportunity to have fun. Through healthy competition and enjoyable events, the "frosh" quickly felt that notorious engineering pride.

Every year this week is filled with numerous activities designed also to celebrate the start of a new year. Departments competed against each other, and this year a new team of first-year students was formed.

Civil engineering students, wearing hard hats and construction gear, branded first-year students with the letter C. Mechanical and manufacturing engineering students, inspired by banjo music, rallied to victory during the chariot races. Chemical engineering Students boogied their way down to the events in disco wear, clearly expressing their desire to make a "Love 'Chem'ection," their theme for the week.

Tugs of war, the Keg Olympics, road races, scavenger hunts, the Ultimate Tournament, and a Minotaur hunt were but some of the games. Geomatics engineering students swung their swords in the air and put on a great fight.

But when the judging was over and the week had come to a close, it was the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department that had triumphed, claiming the title 2002 Frosh Week champions.

Engineers Without Borders

In last month's issue I noted the EWB Western Chapters Retreat 2002 was being held in the Banff Alpine Centre, partly sponsored by APEGGA and hosted by the University of Calgary. A full story and update about the retreat will appear in next month's PEGG.


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