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PEGGasus Opens for Business Nov. 24

PEGGasus Market
Development Manager

Where can you find a website that targets the professional development needs of Alberta's geoscience and engineering communities? One that lists more than 400 technical and professional development meetings, courses, events and opportunities, presented by more than 25 different providers in more than a dozen locations around the province?

The answer, of course, is PEGGasus, located at www.peggasus.ca. Yes, beginning Nov. 24, PEGGasus will be open for business. At that time, we will be sending an e-mail invitation to all APEGGA members with e-mail addresses on file, complete with a username and password for you to use to sign into the system.

The site will be ready for members to search, register and pay for chosen professional development opportunities. There will be some areas of the site still under construction as we work on enhancements to bring even more services to you. However, the basic services will be in place and we want to introduce them to you. We know you've been waiting for PEGGasus to begin working for you and we're ready to help you with your professional development programs.

If you don't have a current e-mail address on file with APEGGA, you're still welcome to join in. Just visit the site after Nov. 24 and create your own profile, username and password.

Within the PEGGasus database you will find quite a range of professional development opportunities. They include project management programs; technical oil and gas seminars; electrical workshops; academic courses in management, small business, marketing and computers; and technical society meetings. There will also be the full listing of APEGGA events.

And we're going to make using PEGGasus particularly worthwhile for some of you. There will be incentives for visiting the PEGGasus site and for using its services. Drop by the site after Nov. 24 to learn the details.

Your PEGGasus development team will continue to expand the scope and quantity of opportunities within the PEGGasus database. Discussions in progress with institutions and companies could double or even triple the number of opportunities in the database in the near future. And we'll finish off those parts of the website that are still under construction.

The PEGGasus vision is to bring together, in one location, information about as many professional development events and opportunities as possible - a location where these opportunities can be searched, evaluated and selected by people in the Alberta engineering and geoscience professions. We want to be your resource of choice on matters of continuing professional development.

So visit the PEGGasus site beginning Nov. 24. And then bookmark it as one of your Internet favourites.

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