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√ APEGGA has been working hard to increase the awareness and understanding of the legislated meaning of "engineer." As a result, we are finding that the word "expert" is increasingly being used in the marketplace as a replacement for "engineer." For example, NorQuest College now highlights its "Microsoft Certified Systems Expert" program.

But your Association has to continue being vigilant, as it upholds the right-to-title and right-to-practice provisions of the EGGP Act. Recently a Calgary company advertised for a 'Systems Engineer' to fill a non-engineering position. When contacted by the Compliance Department, the company readily agreed to remove the word "engineer" from the title.

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ACCESS TV taped the Rock 'N' Fossil Road Show in October as part of Science and Technology Week. Taping took place Oct. 16 at the Odyssium in Edmonton and Oct. 23 at both the Canmore Geoscience Centre and the Crowfoot Library in Calgary . Geoff Harding, Geol.I.T., acted as host.

For the clinics, the public brought rock and fossil samples to be analyzed by APEGGA geoscience members. The resulting show will be broadcast on ACCESS TV and webcast on SciQ ( during National Engineering & Geoscience Week, Feb. 25 to March 6, 2005.

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√ The APEGGA Mentoring Program currently has 88 mentors working with 89 protégés in the work-related soft skills pool. There are 53 unmatched registrants, some of whom are mentors with incomplete registration or temporarily unavailable due to workload. Others, however, are mentors waiting for a partner in their geographical locations. Most protégés are matched within a week or two of registering.

Would you like to get involved in the program?

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√ The 2005 Alberta Innovation and Science Calendar, produced as part of Science & Technology Week, is now available for order and download. In recognition of Alberta's 100th anniversary, the calendar pairs established researchers in Alberta with young scientists of tomorrow who are interested in the same area of science. Featured are APEGGA member Dr. Janet Ronsky, P.Eng., and Honorary Member Reg Isley, in addition to selected APEGGA events.

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√ The Professional Development Department expanded its professional development days into September, this year, with events in Edmonton and Calgary. The Edmonton event attracted 74 participants, the Calgary one 74.

APEGGA members took part in seminars on Using Thinking Styles to Enhance Teamwork & Meetings, Financial Skills for Non-Financial Personnel, Strategic Thinking, and Selling Skills for Technical Experts & the Power of Positive Influence. The lunch speaker gave a presentation on Five Characteristics of an Outstanding Organization. Did you miss out? More PD seminars will be held in Edmonton and Calgary in November.

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√ APEGGA now has an electronic newsletter. If you've provided us with a current and valid e-mail address, you should be receiving your e-PEGGat the beginning and middle of each month.

The e-PEGG complements the existing Online PEGG and the hardcopy you're reading now. But it's much more, as well. It also allows us to communicate timely information when you need it, allowing you to register for APEGGA events, participate more interactively in self-governance and learn about what else is happening in your professional world.

If you're not receiving the e-PEGG and would like to, contact us at

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√ What decisions has APEGGA Council been making on your behalf? Check out Council Briefs in last month's PEGG:

√ A Council task force has decided to review and improve APEGGA's emphasis on risk management. The Association is also encouraging the government and the insurance industry to make insurance more available and affordable to members.

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APEGGA M.I.T.s took part in seminars in Edmonton and Calgary in October. Topics included: Goal Setting, Requirements for Licensure, Business Writing for Results, True Colours, Networking, Interpersonal Communications and Conflict Management. M.I.T. seminars are held in the spring and fall of each year.

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√ Every fall APEGGA sponsors student mixers for university students. The University of Calgary hosted two mixers in October. On Oct. 6 the Engineering Student Mixer at the U of C Dining Centre attracted 70 members and 110 students. Then on Oct. 13, 20 members and 45 students attended the Geoscience Student Mixer in MacEwan Hall. Several technical societies also hosted tables at each event.

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√ Each year professional geoscientists from Calgary and geoscience students from the University of Alberta attend a Student Mixer in Red Deer. Participants are bused to Red Deer for two hours of pizza, conversation and fun. On Sept. 29, 21 professionals and 40 students took part in the 2004 event.

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