professional ENGINEERS
registered in canada
and/or the usa


If you are already registered as a Professional Engineer in Canada or the US, this section applies to you.

If you are going to practice engineering in Alberta you must be licensed as a Professional Engineer or Foreign Licensee with APEGGA.

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (landed immigrant) of Canada, you should apply for licensure as a Professional Engineer.

If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (landed immigrant) of Canada, you should apply for licensure as a Foreign Licensee.

If you are applying for licensure as a P.Eng. or Foreign Licensee and are an engineer registered elsewhere in Canada or the US, you must:

1. Meet APEGGA’s academic requirements.
2. Meet APEGGA’s experience requirements including at least one year of equivalent Canadian engineering, geology, or geophysics experience.
3. Be of good character and reputation.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of law, ethics, and professionalism.
5. Satisfy the English Language Competency requirement.

APEGGA will contact your home association to confirm your registration as a P.Eng. in good standing there.

If you are registered as a Professional Engineer with one of the other Canadian provincial or territorial engineering associations, the application process is simpler and quicker than if you are not registered elsewhere. APEGGA typically does not require your transcripts nor do we need to contact references. Occasionally, however, APEGGA may need to contact your references or obtain transcripts and if so we will contact you to provide us with that information.

For US Professional Engineers not registered with one of the Canadian engineering associations you will need to have your academic institution provide us with your transcripts and you will also need to provide us with the names and contact information of at least three references. Alternatively, you can submit your NCEES Record Book instead. Also note that if you are a US Professional Engineer but not registered elsewhere in Canada, you will need to pass the National Professional Practice Examination before you can become licensed as a Professional Engineer or Foreign Licensee with APEGGA.

How do I apply to APEGGA?

To apply to APEGGA you must submit a completed Application For Registration form together with the required accompanying documents and application fee.

The Application for Registration Form and related explanatory materials are available online at the bottom of this page. In the alternative, a paper version of the application package may be obtained through the Calgary and Edmonton APEGGA offices.

Completing Your Forms

Most of the forms below are available in PDF format which allows you to view and fill in your your form electronically on most computers. (The freely available Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view and print PDF files.) Once you have completed the form, print the form page. 

You should then sign the form, enclose any fee that is required and mail or fax the signed form to APEGGA.

For your own records you should also print out a copy of any form you send in.

Effective November 3, 2004, APEGGA will no longer accept reference questionnaires from generic email addresses such as yahoo and hotmail. We cannot ensure the authenticity of email messages from these addresses.

1500 Scotia One
10060 Jasper Ave. NW
Edmonton AB T5J 4A2
Tel: (780) 426-3990  
1-800-661-7020 (within North America)
Fax: (780) 426-1877
E-mail: email@apegga.org

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Description and Instructions


Application for Registration

To apply to APEGGA as P.Eng. or Foreign Licensee please complete this form.

Experience Records

Detailed experienced records (blank forms and examples) which may be used in lieu of a resume.

Criteria & Instructions

Registration Criteria and Instructions for filling out the Application for Registration form.


Registration Process, Multiple Registration and Corporate Registration

Fee Schedule

Application Processing Fee Schedule

Acts, Regulations, Bylaws Confirmation

Complete this if you have already passed the Professional Practice Exam

Confirmation of Registration

Confirmation of Registration is a sample form and not to be completed. APEGGA will contact your home association directly.

Reference Questionnaire Sample

This Reference Questionnaire form is a sample only and not to be completed.

Request for Academic Documents

Send this to your academic institution(s) to instruct them to send your transcripts and Certificate of Registration directly to APEGGA.

Professional Practice Examination

Application to Write the Professional Practice Examination




Description and Instructions



What you need to know



Frequently asked questions and answers






The Act, Regulations and By-laws