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APEGGA/Engineers Canada Sponsored Group
Insurance and RRSP Plans


Members, Members-in-Training and students registered with APEGGA may obtain coverage under the Engineers Canada (Engineers Canada/APEGGA) sponsored programs in the areas of insurance, RRSP's, auto sales and leasing, and resume matching.

Applicants must be members in good standing with APEGGA to be eligible; cancellation of their membership status automatically cancels participation in sponsored insurance coverage on the next renewal date.

Types of insurance available include: group RRSP, life, accident, disability income protection, extended health care and professional liability insurance, as well as automobile, home, personal property and public liability insurance.

Sponsored programs generally provide more competitive and beneficial products and services than are otherwise available. Members are encouraged to compare these programs with others that may better suit individual needs.

Contractual arrangements are strictly between the insured member and the insurance company.

Information on coverage and premiums for specific group plans may be obtained through the contacts listed below.

Manulife Financial

Term Life Insurance

The Engineers Canada-sponsored Term Life Plan makes it possible for you to provide financial security to your loved ones at a time when they may need it most.

And thanks to the purchasing power of more than 48,000 of your peers who are already insured under this Plan, the rates are kept low so you can afford the amount of protection your family may need. Rate reductions for volume purchases make coverage even more affordable - in fact, you can even choose this coverage as your low-cost alternative to mortgage insurance! Coverage under this Plan includes a Living Benefit compassionate cash advance available if terminally ill, Waiver of Premium if totally disabled before age 65, and an Insurance Continuation Option to receive Premium-Free coverage at age 75. Choose coverage from $25,000 up to $1,500,000 each for you and your eligible spouse, to meet your family's needs.

Major Accident Protection

The Engineers Canada-sponsored Major Accident Protection Plan helps you shield your finances from the loss and increased expenses that can result from an accident. The Plan covers accidental Major Impairment (including loss of limb, sight, hearing or speech, paralysis and brain damage) and Accidental Death for members and their spouse. In the event of a serious, disabling accident, this essential protection can provide funding to help you and your family during the period necessary to adapt to changes in your abilities.

Choose Major Accident Protection of between one and five units each for you and your spouse. Each unit provides up to $100,000 of Major Impairment Benefit, plus a $10,000 Accidental Death Benefit.

Health Care & Dental Care

The Engineers Canada-sponsored Health Care & Dental Care Plan can pay your eligible expenses over and above those paid by your government health plan. The Plan can help you cope with unexpected expenses that would otherwise be paid out of your pocket. The Extended Health Care Plan covers eligible health expenses your government health insurance won't pay for, while the Dental Care Plan covers expenses for regular dental checkups as well as preventative and restorative dental care, crowns, dentures and bridgework.

You can choose coverage for yourself, or add coverage for your spouse and eligible dependent children too. And if you are self-employed, your premiums for the Engineers Canada-sponsored Extended Health Care Plan and Dental Care Plan may even be tax deductible!

Disability Income Replacement

The Engineers Canada-sponsored Disability Income Replacement Plan offers you a replacement income of up to $10,000 a month while you are disabled and unable to work. This Plan gives you essential protection for your most valuable asset - your income - because the loss of your pay cheque and your savings due to a serious illness or accident can be devastating. Choose coverage from $500 up to $10,000 in monthly benefits, based on a percentage of your monthly earnings, for a broad range of levels of disability, including Total Disability, Residual Disability, Partial Disability, Presumptive Disability, Recurring Disability and Catastrophic Loss.

Business Overhead Expense

The Engineers Canada-sponsored Business Overhead Expense Plan could reimburse you up to $8,000 a month in ongoing business expenses while you are totally disabled.

This essential protection for self-employed professionals helps you cover business expenses that continue when your business revenue slows or stops because you are disabled due to illness or accident. Choose coverage from $500 up to $8,000 in monthly benefits, based on your average fixed monthly expenses in the last 6 months, such as rental or mortgage interest, utilities, including power, heat and water, depreciation, employee salaries and so on.

Critical Illness

The Engineers Canada-sponsored Critical Illness Plan provides you with the financial stability you may need to recover from the devastating effects of a critical illness. If you are diagnosed with a Covered cancer condition, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, paralysis, coma, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease or other covered conditions, or if you undergo covered coronary artery bypass surgery or a major organ transplant, the Engineers Canada-sponsored Critical Illness Plan can write you a cheque for the full amount of your coverage, up to $1 million. This money is paid directly to you. You can use it to get fast

access to costly, experimental or out-of-country treatment, or you can spend it any way you choose.

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Garrett Agencies is proud to be the endorsed "Authorized Marketing Representative" for the APEGGA (Engineers Canada) plans in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. For over 30 years Garrett Agencies has been providing Life, Disability, Business Expense, Extended Health Care and Dental advice and service for multiple Association plans. Their combination of experience, knowledge and level of service commitment to the Association members and products places them in a unique position to accurately assist APEGGA members with their insurance planning and the options available to you in the industry. www.garrett.ca/

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TD Meloche Monnex is the main provider of home and *automobile insurance services to members of professional, university and college organizations. To discover more about your insurance coverage options with TD Meloche Monnex call 1-877-536-7755 or visit their website www.melochemonnex.com/apegga

(*Due to provincial legislation, the automobile insurance program is not offered in British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan)


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