Photo Credits

APEGGA would like to thank the following Members and Permit Holders who have donated the use of photographic images to the Association for use in print and electronic publications.

We are constantly striving to promote the work of our Members and their contribution to society. Having current images available for our use greatly assists us in that endeavour.

If you have any images to donate, please forward them, along with your permission for APEGGA to use the image, to APEGGA Graphic Technician Elizabeth Nash enash@appegga.org . For more information please contact Elizabeth at (780) 426-3990 extension 2286 or 800-661-7020 extension 2286.


Technical requirements for images donated to APEGGA:

  • JPEG, TIFF, PSD (Photoshop), EPS or PDF

  • JPEG format must have very low compression
    (be saved at the highest quality)

  • Preferably be over 200 dpi and larger than 2-3 inches

  • Images at 72 dpi are acceptable, but they need to have large dimensions (a minimum of 20 inches or 1440 pixels at the shortest length)

We wish to thank the following for their generous donations to the APEGGA Image Library:


Permit Holders

Other Donors

Bill Ayrton, P. Geol.

Alberta Energy and Utilities Board
Alberta Geological Survey
BPTEC-DNW Engineering Ltd.
Earth Tech (Canada) Inc.
ISL Engineering and Land Services
Norwest Corporation
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan
Solaris Management Consultants Inc.
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
UMA Engineering Ltd.
Urban Systems Ltd.