Finding a Consultant


Q: How do I find a consulting engineer, geologist, or geophysicist?

A: APEGGA does not provide referrals for Professional Engineers, Geologists, or Geophysicists.  However, there are many industry associations that may provide referrals.

Alberta Association of Architects (AAA)    


American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)   


Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada (ACEC)


Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) 


Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG)  


Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA)         


The Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA)   


The Petroleum Services Association of Canada      


Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)       



You may also look in the yellow pages or conduct an internet search of consulting companies.

Q: How do I know if someone is licensed to practice engineering, geology, or geophysics in Alberta?

A: APEGGA has an online register of individual members and permit holding companies licensed to practice in Alberta, and whether they are ‘practicing’ or ‘non-practicing’. 

Q: Is it possible to use the online registers to sort members (e.g. list the P.Engs. by civil, mechanical, last name, etc.)?

A: No, the online registers cannot be sorted.  The purpose of these membership registers is to provide a current list of all professional members, licensees, permit holders, and certificate holders in good standing, which is readily accessible to the public.  The online registers fulfill this requirement as they are currently structured.  Should the databases be sort-able, there is a very real concern that this information would be misused by direct marketers.


Q: What if someone says that they consider themselves qualified to practice engineering, geology or geophysics in Alberta, but is not licensed with APEGGA?

A: Advise them that they are required to be licensed with APEGGA in order to practice or hold themselves out to practice these disciplines in Alberta. If they should carry out these activities while not licensed they are subject to prosecution under the EGGP Act by APEGGA's Compliance Department. Refer them to APEGGA's website or contact APEGGA's Registration Department directly for registration details.

Q: How do I select the consultant that is ‘best’ for me?

A: Selecting a consultant is one of the more important decisions that a client must make.  For you to obtain the best value from consulting services, fees should be derived from an agreed scope of work.  APEGGA encourages using Qualification Based Selection (QBS) criteria, a procedure where a consultant is chosen on the basis of the best possible qualifications and fees are negotiated after a mutual agreement in scope of work has been reached.  Those wishing such information should refer to the APEGGA guideline Selecting Engineering, Geological, and Geophysical Consultants , the Association of Consulting Engineering of Canada (ACEC) document Qualification Based Selection, and the Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) document Qualifications Based Selection System

Q: How can I determine if an APEGGA member (individual or permit holding organization) is the subject of any complaints or has been disciplined?

A: Complaints are unproven allegations and are confidential until such time as charges have been laid and a notice of hearing has been issued. Discipline Committee decisions are available to the public, and some, but not all, are published in The PEGG. You can search the monthly publication on APEGGA's web site for a member's name. However, you are also welcome to call APEGGA's Registration Department and ask if a specific member (individual or permit holder) has a discipline decision in the registration file. If necessary, they might refer you to the Director of Professional Practice for additional information.