The major objective of the Investigative Committee is to investigate complaints against APEGGA members received in accordance with requirements of the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act.

Upon receipt of a written complaint of unskilled practice and/or unprofessional conduct against a member, the investigation of the allegation(s) may take place by the Investigative Committee of appointed member volunteers. Investigations may also be authorized into projects or matters believed to be of major consequence to the general welfare of the public.

If an investigation is believed to be necessary then a three member investigative panel will be struck from the members of the Investigative Committee. The panel will perform a preliminary investigation into the allegation(s), and interview both the complainant and the member the focus of the complaint, request and review pertinent documentation, and then prepare a report with recommendations for acceptance by the Investigative Committee.

Investigative methods are employed that protect and recognize the rights of the member under investigation as well as the complainant. All information obtained while in the investigative process remains confidential. When the investigation results determine that a Formal Hearing is required, the Investigative Committee will prosecute the matter before the Discipline Committee of APEGGA.