Outsourced Engineering
in Alberta’s Major Projects


This report summarizes the results of an inquiry initiated by APEGGA's Practice Review Board in accordance with the provisions of the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act.  The Board is an arms-length regulatory body established under Section 15 of the Act.

One of the Board's mandates is to inquire into the practice of the professions by professional members, licensees or permit holders, generally.  Although no one had raised specific complaints, general concerns had been expressed about the quality of engineering in major projects in Alberta. The Board determined that it would look into the matter on its own initiative and established a subcommittee to conduct the inquiry.

The fundamental question that the inquiry sought to address was: From the perspective of public safety and welfare, is there a concern with engineering designs that are used to construct facilities or operate processes in the province of Alberta?  The target of the inquiry was loosely termed as "major projects" to differentiate it from engineering in smaller residential, commercial and industrial projects. 

This report is based on the results of an initial questionnaire submitted by 261 respondents, as well as the findings from 30 interviews with engineering managers and practicing engineers who indicated they were involved with reviewing and/or stamping others’ engineering work.


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