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The PEGG March 1999

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"Thinking Ahead" to APEGGA's Annual General Conference

Check this article for information about. APEGGA's Annual General Conference, taking place Wednesday, April 21 to Friday, April 23 in Calgary.

Westaim Takes Aim At World With Flat Panel Technology / 3

Flat panel TV screens, relying on technology developed by Westaim Advanced Display Technologies Inc.in Fort Saskatchewan, soon could grace walls around the world.

Presidentšs Notebook / 3

APEGGA members' relationship with and responsibilities toward the environment provide the theme for President Dan Motykašs column this month.

Minister Addresses Council Dinner / 3

Public Works, Supply and Services Minister Stan Woloshyn had praise for APEGGA and ASET in moving toward a Defined Scope of Practice for technologists.

Letters / 4

Public Members Appointed / 4

Hugh Planche and Wayne Pettapiece, P.Ag., PhD, have been appointed Public Members respectively of APEGGA Council and the Board of Examiners.

Al Saunders Passes Away / 4

Council Report / 5

Legislative changes affecting the Defined Scope of Practice for technologists, regulatory reform and Permits to Practice were among the agenda topics when APEGGA Council met Feb. 4 in Edmonton.

CEA Showcase / 5

Stantec Consulting Ltd. extended its winning streak at the Consulting Engineers of Albertašs Showcase Awards.

AGM to Decide On Legislative Changes / 6

Several legislative measures, including ones affecting the Defined Scope of Practice for technologists, classification of Permit holders and streamlining of APEGGA legislation will come before the Associationšs 1999 Annual General Meeting.

Earth Science Registration Urged / 7

An Ontario Mining Standards Task Force includes recommendation for self-regulation of geoscientists.

Ruben Nelson to Speak at AGM Luncheon / 7

Contract Employment / 7

Technical Society Report / 7

Dr. Amos Nur of Stanford University recently informed a Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists luncheon about how earthquakes have impacted Mideast history.

Campus News / 8

Check for student news and a report on how engineering faculties at the Universities of Calgary and Alberta will benefit from additional government support of high-tech education.

Fort McMurray Presentation / 8

APEGGA President, Dan Motyka presents cheque to the redevelopment project of the Oil Sands Discovery Centre.

Biomedical Engineering Co-operation / 8

Albertašs major universities will combine efforts in offering graduate programs in biomedical engineering.

A Day On Campus / 9

WISEST gives Grade 6 girls a taste of the sciences and campus life.

A Safer Oilpatch / 9

The Canadian Petroleum Safety Council believes a safer workplace makes good business sense.

Agenda and Registration for APEGGA Annual Conference / 10-11

Canadian Gas Potential Committee / 11

Engineering Fun & Games / 12

Vancouver-based Electrionic Arts Canada is putting engineering into fun in developing software for video games.

Ziff Sells Experience / 13

The Ziff Energy Group relies on an experienced lineup in offering advice to the oil and gas sector.

In the News / 14

APEGGA members who have gained recent recognition or made careers moves.

Smarter Construction / 15

From its University of Alberta base, the Construction Research Institute of Canada and its Director, Ian Kermack, P.Eng., will encourage Canadašs construction sector to work smarter.

Y2K Okay or Y2K K.O.? 16-17

January 1, 2000 is less than 10 months away and there are still those that have done little about the millennium bug. The PEGG features an interview with Jennifer McNeill , a Calgary Y2K expert, and a report on a recent APEGGA-sponsored Y2K forum in Edmonton.

Critical Y2K Testing Dates / 16

Forum Offers Y2K Tips / 17

Have Your Say / 18

Careers / 19

APEGGA Calendar / 22

APEGGA & Societies Calendar / 21

Registration / 22

Walter Dilger has a Concrete Reputation /24

It was appropriate that an enthusiastic mountain hiker, Walter Dilger, P.Eng, PhD should receive APEGGA's top Summit recognition, the Centennial Leadership Award. It recognizes Dr. Dilgeršs professional contributions, particularly in connection with reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures, and bridges.


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