The PEGG September 1999

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Nominations Solicited For APEGGA Summit Awards® / 1

Nominations are now being accepted for the year 2000 APEGGA Summit Awards.

President's Notebook / 3

Change and how we respond to it is the topic in this month's President's Notebook.

Agbi Discipline Case / 3

APEGGA's Discipline Committee issued its decision in the case of former APEGGA member Babatunde O. Agbi. Check page 3 in the PEGG for a summary and page 6 and 7 for a complete transcript of the three-member panel's decision.

Your Letters / 4

Membership Register on CD-ROM / 5

APEGGA's 1999-2000 Council / 5

Change in CPD Forms / 5

Continuing Professional Development Report Forms have been revamped to include new industry of practice and area of specialization categories.

Directors on the Road / 5

APEGGA directors have brought the Association's story to several workplace gatherings.

Regulating Corporate Practice / 5

A council Task Force on corporate practice is soliciting stakeholder input.

Dwayne Shaw Trust Fund / 5

Discipline Transcript / 6-7

Transcript of the Discipline Committee's decision in the Babatunde O. Agbi case.

North Sun '99 / 7

Solar application in northern latitudes was the focus of a recent conference in Edmonton.

You Asked / 8

The PEGG starts the fall publishing season with a new regular feature "You Asked" which encourages Members to pose questions on issues of interest to the professions and APEGGA.


APEGGA and the Engineering Institute of Canada have signed an agreement recognizing the importance of lifelong learning.

B.C. To Register Software Engineers / 8

The Association of Profesional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia has adopted new policies on software engineering.

ARC Opens Calgary Site / 8

The Alberta Research Council has a new Calgary home.

Across Canada / 9

News from other associations.

Our Volunteers / 9

Paul Elliott, P.Eng., is the first Member to be profiled in a new feature which each month will focus on one of APEGGA's many hard-working volunteers.

Memorial Foundation Corporate Award / 9

APEGGA Executive Director's Notes / 10

The Right Package for Overseas / 10

David Mitrovica, P.Geoph., maintains that moe than technical skill are needed to be effective on overseas assignments.

APEGGA Teachers Awards / 11

Fourteen teachers, including Jodie mackie of Edmonton, have been honoured for their special efforts in sparking their students' interest in science and math.

PES Summer Meeting / 12

The shifting trends within the field of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution provided an important undercurrent at the IEEE Power Engineering Society summer meeting in Edmonton.

Red Deer's City Engineers / 14 -15

Municipal engineers, like Mary Stewart, P.Eng., of Red Deer, play an important role in ensuring the smooth operation of our communities.

Graphic Descriptions A Casti Strength / 15

Technical Societies Guide / 18 -19

Women/Wives Clubs / 20

The Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists Wives' Club of Calgary and the Edmonton APEGGA Women's Club have new executives.

Registration / 22-23

PEGG These Dates / 24

APEGGA Calendar / 25

Careers / 26

Leo Behie Runs Hard on Many Tracks / 28

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