1. Registration and licensure of engineers, geologists and geophysicists in Alberta






1. The obligations of the EGGP Act are met

  • Protection of the public is assured
  • Applicants receive efficient and courteous service.
  • Only fully qualified and experienced persons are licensed
  • There is clarity regarding who should be registered/licensed

2. Regulation of the professions

2. Quality of practitioners is assured

  • Maintain effective investigative, discipline and appeal procedures
  • Maintain strong practice and professional standards
  • Deliver valued Permit Practice Seminar program
  • Maintain a strong Professional Development Program

3. Protect the exclusive scopes of practice and restricted titles

3. Ensure compliance with the licensure requirements of the EGGP Act

4 Ensure continuance of the privilege of self-governance

4. Government and business are assured of the quality of practitioners and their value to society, members value peer review

5. Support national associations

5. National objectives and co-ordination of provincial/territorial objectives are met through CCPE and CCPG

6. Deliver real value to stakeholders

6. APEGGA plays an advocacy role for members and permit holders

  • Members and permit holders are differentiated from non-professionals
  • Mobility of professionals is facilitated
  • Services are provided to members
  • APEGGA communicates to members, the public, business and government
  • Positions on significant public issues are advanced
  • Professionals provide real value to business

7 Provide leadership in advancing science and technology

7. The value of science and technology is well known and respected by all stakeholders and the public. Students seek careers in engineering and geoscience.