Goal 2: Quality of practitioners is assured

  • Maintain effective investigative, discipline and appeal procedures
  • Maintain strong practice and professional standards.
  • Maintain a strong Professional development program


Strategies & Key Initiatives


2.1 Legitimate complaints are investigated promptly, seriously and thoroughly. Discipline hearings and appeals are viewed as being efficient, fair, honest and open to the public

Conduct peer reviews in an open and public forum

  • Communicate information concerning discipline decisions to all stakeholders
  • Deal efficiently with complaints of unskilled or unprofessional conduct
  • Positive and negative comments concerning the investigative and discipline processes
  • Comments received from the public and other stakeholders
  • The percentage of complaints that are dismissed after investigation, that lead to further disciplinary action and that are appealed

2.2 High standards of professional and corporate practice and ethics are maintained

Maintain high standards of professional practice concerning matters that affect the safety and welfare of the public and protection of the environment

  • Develop and publish professional practice standards and guidelines
  • Provide leadership in the development of codes, standards and regulations developed by industry associations and government/regulatory bodies
  • Develop new standards for the practice of professionals in areas where higher levels of certification are being demanded
  • Conduct general inquiries into practices of the professions
  • Conduct proactive and reactive practice previews of practitioners and permit holders
  • Conduct reviews on individuals not in compliance with the professional development program
  • Publish key results of disciplinary, inquiry and enforcement actions in newspapers, the PEGG and APEGGA website

  • Number of reviews carried out annually
  • Outcomes, both positive and negative, of the practice reviews of individual professionals and permit holders
  • Outcomes of general inquiries into the practice of the professions
  • Respect for the professions is shown and the standards are not questioned
  • The outcomes, both positive and negative of reviews of members not in compliance with the professional development program
  • Enquiries received for consultation on codes and guidelines
  • Industry chooses to locate in Alberta to take advantage of availability of high quality professionals
  • Specialty disciplines request standards and regulation by APEGGA
  • Sister associations seek leadership and guidance from APEGGA

2.3 Professional development opportunities are readily available

Provide national leadership on development of professional development programs

  • Host professional development days and annual conference
  • Branches to host PD evenings
  • Partner with other professions to improve efficiency and availability
  • Compile and make available current information of PD opportunities
  • Encourage development of on-line education through PEGGasus, an on-line learning marketplace for members
  • Finalize APEGGA's support for the mentoring program
  • Partner with permit holders on PD, MIT and Mentoring programs
  • Demand for PD seminars and PD days
  • Industry values and supports the PD program
  • M.I.T.s value and utilize the mentoring program
  • Permit holders value and support programs